what about awstore.co ?

A few people recently ask me about  awstore.co , and what I think about it.

I am highly suspicious for a few reasons, to me it looks like it belongs in the #electronics_scams group. I give you a few reasons here:

1. The website is just about 1 month old (creation date 2016-11-10), but on their websites it said either 2001 or 2007 depends where you look, you can look the website age up with a WHOIS search here: Domaintools

2. On the same WHOIS page you find no address, they hide behind an anonymization service.

3. But lets look at their page, they are in …. , well, they write their opening times, but no address. We even have no idea what country they are in.

4. At the bottom of their page they have several logos, lets look at them:

On the left you see BBB, which should be linked to the BBB website, but isn’t.

Then you have the VeriSign logo, means the website is certified by VeriSign – but isn’t, it’s unsecured website without any certificate.

My conclusion: Avoid!

21 thoughts on “what about awstore.co ?

  1. Hi people i’m fro Netherland Amsterdam i have placed order with them for iPhone 7 x15 Red and paid them by Bitcoins to get 15% offer so i can earn extra money by sell those phones.I have received my phones invoice was attached with the brown box with plastic wrapping. Go ahead & place the order with them.

  2. Mohamd Usman here!! I’m father of 2 sons! was looking to start a business I saw Apple-Wholesale-Store.com! Paid them by T/T .. I was new so did not knew about scammers..& wireless business (I was newbie) was just trying to earn & start a side business I started with 3 Pieces with them after emailing them they said me to transfer the money to the account , account was personal account .. they were making excuses that stock is not available , stock will be available in 1 week , they met with accident so I called my bank to open a dispute but my bank said you cannot open a dispute now .. Pakistani bank ofcourse :/ so didn’t hold back … I was literally crying it was my hard worked which I have to work 24/7 as I drive in the morning and at night I work in Gas Station. after long search! I didn’t leave my hope found awstores.co after searching lots of review I found.. some is good .. some is bad I was worried to get ripped of again .. This video is posted buy someone on Apr 9, 2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qb9R7qeQt8U (Saying awstore is scam) but the person who posted was scammed on 05/2015 how can be this possible? posting them as scammer after 2 years? & after searching more I found another video of awstore saying that guy who posted video pointing them as scammer want $5000 or 5000 INR I don’t know (to delete the video) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTdFnlJX6DM (Link to video) so I found them legitimate not fully because I was still concerned about my money .. in the website we can buy only 12 pieces or 10 pieces but I don’t have enough money so I emailed them again and again ..and after waiting 5 days.. they emailed me back…. agreed for 3 pieces 7 128GB RED…I sent them my order details my address .. they didn’t sent me a invoice before invoice they want money so it was red flag for me but I don’t have any choice so I transferred money to awstore in the name of Allah ..I was really very worried after 3 days they provide me receipt of transport cargo of name Aliison cargo I thought it is fake or something because they promise to ship by DHL .. after asking them why they didn’t ship by DHL they said as I have bought only 3 pieces but minimum order is 12 ….so also have to meet with their margins DHL is costly for them ..I emailed Allison cargo .. Allison cargo said me there is 1 package to Pakistan …so i was like god I found someone legitimate but I was still concerned about if it is copy .. after waiting 16 days I got my parcel..and after checking phone was sealed and brand new .. I have uploaded phone picture see here (http://imgur.com/a/pYaSw) now I want to buy from 12 units but I don’t wether to buy or not I have sold 3 phones to my buyer and he want to buy now 12 phones… because after reading too much reviews I’m scared , and I trust them … after emailing them and asking about the reviews they said apple-wholesale-store.com is posting reviews and also have a fake Instagram page named awstoresofficial they’re scamming people and because of them awstore is loosing customer I’m in big problem now whom to trust … I will see I will post an update here

    • Hello usman bhai. My self Hardik Patel,
      I have same situation like yours. Could you please help me to provide alison cargo’ s derailed ?

      Thank you.

  3. Awstores.co is Scam… All those reviews mentioned here, are published by the site owners iteself, Probably it is.

    I paid them 3.6L INR for iPhone 7 128GB and Now They are not even responding me… They asked me to pay 20K more.. So I did, and again and again, now they are asking another 20K, But How Can I trust them?

    They just Ask more Money and Money.. And Nothing else.. They won’t courier you even… For Proofs regarding Awstores.co is scam, Message Me @ 9061663675.

    Pls Don’t be Fooled,
    Be Careful,

    Awstores.co SCAM

  4. I’m Guruvind Dokhale from India, I have paid them by Debit Card on their Website, Card was used somewhere in USA (Name of the merchandise was to be Square Awstores.co)

    I ordered 12 pcs of 5S 32GB Mixed Color, they sent me email after 5 Days they told me they will ship in 2 days but took 5 Days reason they gave that they were waiting for funds to clear. They sent me another email with paid invoice and tracking information USPS courier they told me they will ship by dhl but shipped by USPS

    Took 8 days long for my courier to arrive at my destination, and after waiting for long time finally my package arrived had to pay extra import charges (2828 INR) which they didn’t even mentioned.

    After checking the parcel! Phones were Authentic everything was good but what about Warranty? I mean the phones are US version man! there is no Indian MRP Sticker it means phones Warranty will work in only U.S not India! phones are Unlocked I checked one piece by opening! I want to return it but they’re not responding to my emails! I just received a email stating they have forwarded my complaint to concerned department. I will delete this comment after I get my money back from them

    • Generally, when you buy out of country it is always the buyers responsibility to check about import charges. Sellers have no obligation whatsoever to inform buyers. And frankly, how can they? There are nearly 200 countries.

      Warranty is another point. It is commonly known that Apple gives only local warranty. So when you buy a phone in the USA you get only USA cover. Means you have to send them back for repair to the USA – or get paid repair in your country. When you buy a phone in the USA you should expect a USA version, and not an Indian version.

      You need to do your homework before you buy.

      But interesting to know that you got your phones.

      • i have been facing this issue. i still waiting to reply from them. he replies to my friends message, but not to me

    • I’m Shyam from India..I completely understand what is going on.

      I placed a order with awstoreofficial on Instagram, paid them advance money.. After paying they blocked me, so I contacted +1 217 487-9896 (They said me that this page is ran by someone Indian fake person) this instagram page claim to be the sales manager of AWS! They’re taking advance money from many people, I have paid advance money to this fake awstore in Instagram, I have transferred money to Paytm when I check the number on true caller I found that person who is behind this and destroying AWS is Rishikesh Dubey, who is 16 year kid, After checking truecaller I found this number is from Andheri, India, this person has uploaded a video saying awstore is scammer and is the one who is doing this scams using name of AWS! I hope this person will get what he deserve.. Never send money to PAYTM! I have paid $5,500 to real AWS today to their bank account in U.S. THEIR Account name is AWS Limited I will give write another comment after receiving the phones
      Only place order at http://www.awstores.co

      • All of the positive Comments posted here are by AWStore it Self, For those who are trapped Call me on 8898244066 I’m Rishikesh Dubey i know them very well i have been scammed by them since 2015

        • I know this guy Rushikesh Dubey, He is the one destroying the reputation of AWStore! I transferred the money to his number and never got the refund, He has created the page of AWS store in the name of awstoreofficial in the instagram & He is the reason behind all scam I think and all the negative reports. He is a little kid teenager don’t know what he is doing is wrong & he have to pay not today but one day. REAL AWS is http://www.awstores.co I have not placed any order with real AWS and nor I will do after being ripped off I don’t have money to waste

  5. Awstore.co is 100% Legitimate, I have proof of shipments and the items they sent me was authentic.
    I didn’t believe this prices are highly discounted.
    Go Ahead and buy!
    This is real comment.

    • I am doubtful. They advertise VeriSign SSL, but use Letsencrypt. Can’t find the BBB link either, it’s advertised too. And how they include custom and taxes in the price for international sales? It’s basically impossible.

      There are too many warning flags.

  6. One other point I noticed is their prices…I been in the wireless business for many years and I can tell you those prices are too good to be true!

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