A new type scam on Facebook

Recently I can see almost every day a new scam campaign by a Facebook/Instagram scam gang. They take some images from the web, often from Kickstarter, Indiegogo etc. – and they sell it at ridiculous low prices. Of course buyers will never get anything. Please let me know in case you see sites I should add here:

2ufuture.com (taken down)
allbuyhub.com (disabled by Shopify)
b1ess.com (taken down)
bealoving.com (taken down)
btmd.myshopify.com (taken down)
carolineseye.myshopify.com (taken down)
catinpops.myshopify.com (taken down)
cdb-shop.myshopify.com (taken down)
coolerones.com (taken down)
cooldab.com (taken down)
flowershave.com (taken down)
freehue.com (taken down)
friendship-mall.myshopify.com (taken down)
greatfixo.com (taken down)
innov-goods.com (taken down)
innovgoods.com (taken down)
joymobie.com > forwards now to joymoble.com
joyzonein.com (taken down)
looyy.shop (taken down)
morderneo.com (taken down)
naturemq.com (disconnected from Shopify)
next2day.com (taken down)
poyfind.com (disconnected from Shopify)
sailingme.com (taken down)
sharkpopin.com (forwards to cooldab.com
solopopgo.com (now only fashion)
sosoluckyshop.com (forwards now to https://lsia.myshopify.com)
wg-w.myshopify.com (taken down)
wigwholesale.online (taken down)
worth-shop.com (taken down)
zakmma.com (disconnected from Shopify)

Other websites from this gang that are already down: 1mermaid.myshopify.com – crazyfox.store – elegpia.com – itstylish.co – supreme-q.myshopify.com – thecrazydealstore.com

You can see that all websites have the same style and largely the same products. This is one criminal gang that comes out with a few new websites every week.

This laser printer might be from a different scam gang: bigtrendys.com

Here are the expensive real gadgets products that the scammers often use: Snapmaker, Kniterate, Goliath CNC, Human Hoist, EBS Handjet, Stator Scooter, Migo 3D, DTV Schredder, Sobro Smart Table and many more.

Update on company name on credit card:
The scammers usually use their trade name, i.e. next2day or whatever they use, the fraud transaction itself is handled buy a Chinese credit card processor called iPayLinks. They fake Paypal colors, but have zero security and provide safe transaction for scammers. It is also used for ***.MyShopify.com transactions.

Have you been scammed? Here is what you can do:

  • Contact your bank
  • Dispute the fraudulent transaction
  • Have images of what you ordered
  • Have images of what you got, with your address and track number on it
  • It may help to talk to the disputes department
  • Many here have been successful getting their money back.

    Please help and warn others! Copy & paste this page link whenever you see any of those scam ads – unfortunately I am already banned by most of the scammers.


    Thank you for your support!

    If you like to report a website, please write the domain as website dot com – Otherwise your message may get flagged as SPAM and deleted.

    Some example screen shots of the Facebook promoted scams:

    Scam: worth-shop.com
    Facebook Scam Ad Example: worth-shop.com
    Facebook Scam Ad Example: freehue.com
    Facebook Scam Ad Example: freehue.com
    Facebook Scam Ad Example: hootcostore.com
    Scam Ad: hootcostore.com
    Facebook Scam Ad Example: coolerones.com
    Facebook Scam Ad Example: coolerones.com

    517 thoughts on “A new type scam on Facebook”

    1. hello! i have a fear i stumbled upon a scam site too, i ordered a chair and today the website


      doesn’t work anymore. (i ordered it a few days ago july 2 ) Yesterday i could access it but today its down? i paid with paypal and i got an email about my order (but it was sent to the spam folder). I also saw a potential shipping date (july 9-16) but i fear i won’t get anything or some garbage will be sent. What should i do? should i wait some days if the site goes back online or should i already contact paypal? (or wait for the shipping date to pass and see if they send anything?) I go to the site and it gets me a 404 title with an illustration that the shop is closed/unavailable. I thank you if you still see my comment and reply. one more thing the ad was on facebook about the website and chair.

      • I can see their website, plus their twin sister; https://corgdu.top

        You can safely assume that you got scammed. Start the dispute immediately with Paypal.

        On the same IP there are a few more scamming twins: agmxn.shop, aivrgv.top, ayllhdd.top, ckkkjqt.top, cmjnfvly.top, corgdu.top, crirj.shop, etughroq.top, eyfljes.top, hslprcw.top, ixrkk.shop, iyfcrz.top, kivhw.shop, lxerayx.top, oxlnyhf.top, qsuuf.shop, qubif.shop, rjhccrw.top, ukrec.shop, usofd.shop, wlwcdtp.top, zjpgn.shop

      • Join the club, Sylvia! Wlwcdtp.top IS A SCAM operation! I ordered a product on July 1st this year (2021) in the amount of $49.00, paying by credit card (through Pay Pal too). I was suspicious when their website toggle buttons never “worked” (to track a package), I waited all this time (Nov./ Dec.) and received nothing, and after repeated demands for a refund – they’ve made up ridiculous/ bogus stories of “losing” the product, and “we have paid the “oil” fee (WTH ???!!!) and customs and have no money left to refund you”…..THEY SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN AND SANCTIONED.

    2. If facebook can work to keep “untrue” political posts off facebook, why can’t they protect us from phony ads? It would seem far more important to protect us from those than from working so hard to censor political items that can be researched far easier than finding out anything about any merchants advertised. I would think most people have had faith in facebook to be careful who advertises through them, but it appears that such faith is misplaced. It sure seems facebook has its priorities screwed up.

      • You are right, but the problem ist that there is little pressure on Facebook and this topic doesn’t get any news coverage.

    3. Hello, my sister said she saw an ad on Instagram where they sell Jewelry and other type of accessories. I ordered twice from them, two separate orders/people, and they gave out tracking info and other stuff which seemed legit but today June 22 their website says “The shop is unavailable.” Can anyone confirm if this is indeed a scamming site and they were taken down and if I can get my money back? I paid using a debit card.


      • It always depends how you paid. If paypal then your chance is very good. If credit card you need to file a dispute with your bank. In either case, good luck!

    4. I just ordered 494.00 worth of stuff off a facebook ad called Leahestore. My bank says have to contact seller which has been fruitless . Now what do I do?

    5. Stupidly “purchased” patio furniture via Facebook ad. Debit card dinged by something called technigadgets.net. No e-mail confirmation; no goods; no sign of furniture on product list on Technigadgets’s website. Caveat emptor?

      • You need to file a dispute with your card company/bank as soon as possible. Your chances to get the money back is not too bad.

    6. I was scammed before christmas, luckily I got my money back through paypal but I hope I can help others not go through the same thing.

      I had two of the same ad pop up from different websites, both set up exactly the same. Advertising a switch and three games for 100$
      The first one I didn’t save but the second was councilth.store, the ‘About us’ is always the same with these scammers, copy and pasted. The two I seen today had ‘fixthed.store’ in the about us instead of the website, scammers getting sloppy maybe?

      I’ll save this website for any future scams I find!

      • Try to get in touch with somebody from Facebook – impossible! Everything is automated. With Shopify you get a reply once in a while, but they seem to have no interest to stop the scams. I believe it’s just one person or group that does all those scams. They are all very similar, products are often the same too. Should be very easy to block them right after creation. But they seem not to care. Next step would be of course to refer all fraud domain to law enforcement, but I doubt they do that too.

        So somewhere, most likely in China, somebody is creating about 10 MyShopify.com each day for a healthy income. It’s quite sickening.

    7. I should have known better. Christmas Day sale. My sister warned me it was “too good to be true” but I forged ahead. At least I’m getting a life lesson.

      Original Shopify store: uinjkkfkds.myshopify.com.
      E-mail in “Order Confirmation”: mygoodone.servise@gmail.com (which is what I searched to find this page).
      Linked to “Kirikomade.com” but I think they were using that as a “cover store” somehow. Also linked to “sonnetjames.com” and “8ball.co.uk” when I tried to follow-up on the order. All those had the same e-mail address as above.

      Also, my bank will not begin the dispute process unless I cancel my debit card first. I am traveling in the near future, so cannot wait for replacement. Will keep it blocked until I use it and then get a new one when I get back from traveling and follow-up on the dispute process.

        • teddyshopss is the latest one selling a refurbed dyson really cheap i fell for it but have been in contact with paypal for return payment

    8. July 2019: Fake sellers have set up Sopify.com shops and advertise on Facebook:
      2019 Best – A Light And Compact Camper
      Self-sustainable microhome

      Obviously, Facebook does not screen their advertisers – charging the fee is all they care about. Be careful with any online purchases, especially through Facebook advertisements.

      • Since they are scammers, I wonder if Facebook is actually getting the ad fees, I presume they are most likely get scammed too.

        What is deplorable is the Facebook reporting system. You report a scam, and the usual reply is “We checked it and it’s not violating our terms of service”. Of course you never get a reply by a person.

    9. Hi I have ordered bose soundsports free headphones in cameravipy.club MOOND official online store, it showed the price 0.01$ by paying through credit master card, so i ordered, after paying it credited $58 & $58tax from my account, next day i have canceled the order by messaging in chat help, she said she has cancelled the order directly and it will be refunded by July 4, as i can’t afford the amount.please sujjest me and help me to refund my money back.

      • You need to ask your bank for help and ask them the cancel that transaction. The scammer will not give you a refund, they lie.

      • Confirming it as a scam. Partner did the same thing and we were sent a cheap accessory to disguise the parcel tracking. Their website got taken down but they’ve remade a new one with the same email address.

    10. Hi ..my sister in law order a singer machine for $92.00 and never send us …and no answer the emails ..
      The name is zahuaelen

    11. Voici les mails envoyés à Dealroomshop, aujourd’hui sans réponse

      Par le biais de vos services j’ai acheté une montre smart Watch connecté qui ressemble fortement à la Samsung gear s3 au prix de 39,90 $ (pub sur candy crush saga). J’ ai reçu une montre YUNTAB Y1 que l’on trouve à partir de 7 euros et surtout qui n’a rien à voir avec le modèle que vous présentez dans la pub et la photo qui apparaît dans le suivi de la commande.
      J’ose espérer que c’est une erreur et que vous ne manquerez pas de la rectifier
      Au plaisir de vous lire
      Thierry BONVOISIN

      ORDER MGW4301
      Thank you for your purchase!
      Hi Thierry, we’re getting your order ready to be shipped. We will notify you when it has been sent.
      If you have any questions, reply to this email or contact us at service@dealroomshop.com
      View your order
      or Visit our store
      Order summary
      Men’s Smart Watch Compatible with iOS and Android × 1 $39.90
      Subtotal $39.90
      Shipping $0.00
      Total $39.90 USD
      Voici le numéro d’ordre

      • You will certainly not get a Samsung Gear S3 watch, if you are really lucky may get a cheap China crap watch. Sorry for the bad news.

    12. can someone please tell me if fashion fox boutique and brunettenblonde actually send you the items you bought? i spent £22 and now i’m getting really worried

      • I don’t have the complete website – it would be great if you can add that. But just from the name and my gut feeling I believe your £22 are gone and you will not get anything.


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