A new type scam on Facebook

Recently I can see almost every day a new scam campaign by a Facebook/Instagram scam gang. They take some images from the web, often from Kickstarter, Indiegogo etc. – and they sell it at ridiculous low prices. Of course buyers will never get anything. Please let me know in case you see sites I should add here:

2ufuture.com (taken down)
allbuyhub.com (disabled by Shopify)
b1ess.com (taken down)
bealoving.com (taken down)
btmd.myshopify.com (taken down)
carolineseye.myshopify.com (taken down)
catinpops.myshopify.com (taken down)
cdb-shop.myshopify.com (taken down)
coolerones.com (taken down)
cooldab.com (taken down)
flowershave.com (taken down)
freehue.com (taken down)
friendship-mall.myshopify.com (taken down)
greatfixo.com (taken down)
innov-goods.com (taken down)
innovgoods.com (taken down)
joymobie.com > forwards now to joymoble.com
joyzonein.com (taken down)
looyy.shop (taken down)
morderneo.com (taken down)
naturemq.com (disconnected from Shopify)
next2day.com (taken down)
poyfind.com (disconnected from Shopify)
sailingme.com (taken down)
sharkpopin.com (forwards to cooldab.com
solopopgo.com (now only fashion)
sosoluckyshop.com (forwards now to https://lsia.myshopify.com)
wg-w.myshopify.com (taken down)
wigwholesale.online (taken down)
worth-shop.com (taken down)
zakmma.com (disconnected from Shopify)

Other websites from this gang that are already down: 1mermaid.myshopify.com – crazyfox.store – elegpia.com – itstylish.co – supreme-q.myshopify.com – thecrazydealstore.com

You can see that all websites have the same style and largely the same products. This is one criminal gang that comes out with a few new websites every week.

This laser printer might be from a different scam gang: bigtrendys.com

Here are the expensive real gadgets products that the scammers often use: Snapmaker, Kniterate, Goliath CNC, Human Hoist, EBS Handjet, Stator Scooter, Migo 3D, DTV Schredder, Sobro Smart Table and many more.

Update on company name on credit card:
The scammers usually use their trade name, i.e. next2day or whatever they use, the fraud transaction itself is handled buy a Chinese credit card processor called iPayLinks. They fake Paypal colors, but have zero security and provide safe transaction for scammers. It is also used for ***.MyShopify.com transactions.

Have you been scammed? Here is what you can do:

  • Contact your bank
  • Dispute the fraudulent transaction
  • Have images of what you ordered
  • Have images of what you got, with your address and track number on it
  • It may help to talk to the disputes department
  • Many here have been successful getting their money back.

    Please help and warn others! Copy & paste this page link whenever you see any of those scam ads – unfortunately I am already banned by most of the scammers.


    Thank you for your support!

    If you like to report a website, please write the domain as website dot com – Otherwise your message may get flagged as SPAM and deleted.

    Some example screen shots of the Facebook promoted scams:

    Scam: worth-shop.com
    Facebook Scam Ad Example: worth-shop.com
    Facebook Scam Ad Example: freehue.com
    Facebook Scam Ad Example: freehue.com
    Facebook Scam Ad Example: hootcostore.com
    Scam Ad: hootcostore.com
    Facebook Scam Ad Example: coolerones.com
    Facebook Scam Ad Example: coolerones.com

    516 thoughts on “A new type scam on Facebook”

    1. I also saw and clicked through on that FB ad…..
      I ordered that 3D printer from goodtop.shop thought it was a bit odd to not get an order number or confirmation email from the seller, but a confirmation from the Shipping Company with a tracking #
      I track my pkg progress and get delivered a pkg that day that’s *way* too small to be a 3D printer…..turns out to be a pair of ‘Ray Bans’ (later examination finds them to be FAKE…..wow! What a ‘surprise’)
      A call to the support 852-66282639 gives me a carrier tone (fax machine?)
      What goes here? goodtop.shop has an address in the U.K. but the item ships from China?
      I email the shipper and get a quick reply of apology and that they’d contact the warehouse to fix…..so I wait
      I also go through the goodtop.shop website form and email the same info…..no response
      Then I directly email support@cpjus.com and go back and forth a few times
      I forward the email from shipper and send a .jpeg of the item I received (the shipping box with tracking # on the label, the silver ‘Ray Bans’ box, the ‘Ray Bans’ case, & the actual ‘Ray Bans’ themselves)
      A few days pass…..I’m just about to email support@cpjus.com back yesterday.
      But my wife texts me with an unrelated finance/banking/bills issue so I login to my bank’s app to address that issue when I notice something odd…..the account I used to pay for the item, the balance has changed…..higher!
      googoe.com quietly issues a REFUND!
      The goodtop.shop website no longer loads…..I wonder why?

      I also noticed that goodtop.shop AND googoe.com had identically-looking websites

      For good measure, I contact Ray Ban and report goodtop.shop and googoe.com as the ‘sellers’ of the fake Ray Bans…..toss their IP Lawyers a little fresh meat to stalk

      I consider myself lucky that I was almost out $70 but got it back

      Not gonna be so trusting of adverters of FB from here on out

      • You need to talk to your bank that issued your credit card. You need to report fraud to them. They are the only ones that can help. Some banks are helpful, others are not. Good luck!

    2. I got scammed by the e-bike from Shoplik.
      I fell for the slick video it showed and the cheap price that was posted back in November, 2018.
      Will contact Credit Card company but not expecting any help.

      • Hi varga,

        Thank you for reporting PHISHING activity on:


        Following your report the domain has been suspended.


        AlpNames Abuse Mitigation

        • If you are interested, I have about 3000 *.club TLD domains that are flagged as fraud since 2014. Most are probably not active.

    3. Hi everyone, I am another fool that has been scammed. Same deal as others, saw the add on Facebook trusted that it was legit. I contacted the bank immediately to find out that the payment is pending and they are unable to open a dispute until the expected delivery date has elapsed or I don’t receive what was ordered. The bank has assured me that I will get my money back. Foryouthsome is the fake site. I became suspicious when I didn’t receive the confirmation email. Has anyone received anything from this site?

    4. https://screenshots.firefox.com/aAcfv0dyYYAzUpGP/www.facebook.com
      not sure how to add my screenshot…
      the text from the facebook site is:

      WOW?A Dining Table That Converts Into a Shelf Just In Seconds!???
      ?New Year Discount❗❗Limited number?
      To get one?? https://bit.ly/2QhaKrW
      To get one?? https://bit.ly/2QhaKrW
      ?Lowest Price Guaranteed || Free Shipping?

      Shop Now

      ?JUST ONLY $89?45% OFF TODAY?
      |IN-STOCK|Ships in 24 hrs|100% Satisfaction Guaranteed|
      Shop Now
      69 Comments229 Shares

      the link appears to go to a “shopify” site with an ipaylinks.com for checkout
      appears to cost ~$740 from the german site its sold on, so $90 seems scammish.
      would love to have this, but not this way.
      thanks for the warning! hope this helps someone else….

      • The screenshot works fine. You just saw it today? Seems the scam ads are quite a bit less now. I added your site to my long list.

    5. Good day.I have also fallen victim of these facebook scammers.In my own case,after i had made online payment for a wristwatch on ‘hionlinestore’.A few days later, a sum of about $60 was deducted from my Nigeria access bank account concerning the same wristwatch.I have been contacting them for refund ever since,to no avail.Please,what should i do? Thanks.My name is Mary.I am a Nigerian.

      • It’s sad, but if you pay by bank there is no way to get the money back. Credit cards have some sort of safety that works sometimes for some people. Not always though.

    6. I got taken too. Snow joe cordless snow shovel. $69US. $94 CaD Never arrived. “Fix” in the website name – credit card charge under next2day. 60 days later I’ve received nothing. TD visa has been great. Thank you for this site. I would still be hoping we’re it not for this.

    7. Wish I would have seen this before I fell for this. I get an email 4 weeks after it was supposedly delivered saying it was delivered and every-time I email the support for Solopopgo I get the same response that says everything except how to contact them.

      Lesson learned. Glad it was not an exuberant amount. I am with others, do not trust the link within face book, you are better off going out and inputting the URL as you should get the true site.

    8. I got caught also . It was on Facebook so I thought it would be genuine . I ordered a laser rust remover but got a pair of ray ban sun glasses instead . I never got any email confirmation but thought because it was on Facebook that they would check all companies before allowing and adds on their site but I was wrong

    9. I bit on the 3D-printer thing. 60USD I’ll never see again. Sent me something though; a pair of conterfeit Ray-Ban Wayfarers. Never seen som many Ray-Ban logos before, but blue mirror lenses? Come on; being caught in the EU with something like that will result in a 4 digit fine (in Euros).

      Site is down of course
      – Carolineseye

      Guess it figures I got a pair of sunglasses…

    10. Here is another scam. Foryouthsome trying to see Makinex portable hand truck (which does existing) for $89.95 actual cost on the manufactures website around 4k. Looks like a great product, but too cheap to believe the site…

    11. Also got caught out with the 3D printer/laser/cancer machine. BTMD.myshopify.com. Site no longer existed when tracking from payment confirmation email. Sent email to the support email, got a reply with a tracking no. and link which was in Chinese, translated to being received by a Chinese shipping company with a UK Royal Mail delivery date of 22nd Dec. My enquiry was on the 23rd. Obviously now a scam so hacked off because I’m usually very careful. Wish I’d seen the reviews beforehand. Don’t touch these with a barge pole.

    12. I ordered (4) makeup bags on a FB store site IMNOKA which took me to BABEYSY site
      FAKE. I had looked at this make up bag (so cute) it was 19.99 I left site and was going to think about it. A few hours later I got email from them saying bags were reduced to 12.99 for a brief period only … so I ordered 4
      I received confirmation that my order had been processed … few days went by n I wondered about my confirmation number … I started checking… I responded to the email to no avail …it was invalid responded to phone number… dis connected…thought I’d wait a few more days to see if I got my shipment. Answer No. looked up FB scams n the company Fake Company BABEYSY was on scam list
      I called my credit card to report and go my cost credited back to me
      Never again will I buy anything I see on FB

    13. Next2Day has another site up. I order a fold up flat treadmill from them in Nov. and after I discovered I was scammed, I contacted my credit card company. They recently credited the money back to me and lo and behold, I got an email yesterday saying this was delivered to me on Dec. 13th. Well, it wasn’t delivered to me. Just have to wait and see if this is recharged back to me. I called credit card last night, but there’s nothing they can do at this point.

    14. I saw some Nike air Jordans advertised on Facebook under a site mallvase.com they were so cheap so I checked via scam advisor and it said it was a new site with high risk rating.
      Still not satisfied I contacted Nike nz as when you Google mallvase.com it says its a genuine Nike outlet store…. Nike said the only genuine place to buy nikes is Nike.com and they will immediately seek legal action to get the website taken down.

    15. Facebook mmciy.com selling mobility scooters for handicapped people. They got me for $99.00. Stupid me … I assumed Facebook checked out their advertisers. I should have known … something too good to believe usually is too good! Lol. Lesson learned.

      • Victoria, I fell for the same scam. Ordered a scooter from “MMCIY, London GB,” on 9 Dec 2018, still haven’t received anything on 2 Jan 2019. The confirming email had no contact information other than an email address, which I sent a query to; neither the “View Your Order” nor the “Visit Our Website” links are functional. So I have contacted my bank to dispute the transaction, and hopefully will receive the funds back in my account soon.

    16. I wish I saw this website prior to being scammed. I ordered a treadmill from solopopgo.com that I saw on Instagram. I was concerned with the quality of the product so I researched it. It was a real product, but unfortunately a scam website. I never received the product of course. They even sent a tracking number. I was able to dispute the charge with my credit card company, but it pisses me off that they are still out here scamming others.

    17. I reported next2day.com/ Greatfixo .com to my bank who have refunded my money but I have just received email from company nearly a month & half later stating my parcel is on its way with all tracking info, we shall wait and see

    18. Merry Christmas I suppose, you can add another one to your list. Supertime is the name
      of the site that got me, I ordered the Sur-Book 2in1 Tablet /w keyboard $80 and change was the total. Right away I was suspicious when I didn’t get order number or confirmation email, tried to call support 852-66282639 said my call didn’t go through then I noticed there was one to many numbers, then tried looking up order it kept telling me to log in or create an account which wouldn’t let me do tried support@cpjus.com and that’s when I got the bad news several sites screaming Scam. I too will never trust a site advertised on FB also note on my bank statement it was listed as GOOGOE no phone number. My bank said I have to wait until it clears to dispute the transaction I’m going to call them again


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