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    • 100% scam. On the same IP they have a few scams:,,,,,,

    • Looks like one of those quick shopify store sites that pop up all the time to scam people. So I think it’s one of those too, a scam.

  1. Would am trying to find out if a website is a scam. It has really low prices. I don’t want to get scammed again. The site is Thank you for your help.

  2. Good morning on 24 April 2019 I bought and pay one HANDHELD PORTABLE PRINTER . Until today I don’t received nothing. the reference of the bank are 155-144-4632 5540..2013 . I wait your answer please urgently

    • The printer they promoted costs well over US$5000 , so very obviously it was a scam. If you paid by credit card, try to get a refund from your bank.

    • I have seen Baisili a few times. I do not think they are legit. I suggest not to buy there.

      Did you check ? USA is very cheap for laptops and international shipping is very low – and best – they don’t cheat.

  3. Want to buy some antminer from them, are they legit? checked their facebook and contacted them, got respond but i’m still not sure if they are a scam, please help

    • When I look at the staff images they look like take from the web. Try to do a video chat. I doubt you will get the same person. This company uses the same fixed line phone number:

      I have a bad feeling. But I suggest you check this forum for some reliable companies, they will know much about about that type of hardware than me:

    • I have a bad feeling about – The about us has basically nothing about them. Just some meaningless Yadayada. Their physical address (201 E Grand Ave Ste 2A Escondido, CA 92025) is most likely fake, or that office must be really crowded with a 100 or companies in it. Better stay away from that site.

  4. I want to buy something from this company:

    -McLaurin Store LTD –

    From Alibaba are Scammers?

  5. Hello.Can You Tell me Please is websit. They sell their Good at very low prices on alibaba as compare to all others Sellers.. (THANKS).

    • They have no company details. You even don’t know what country they ship from – stay away from that website!

  6. Hello Sir, I recently bought an expired domain nairasource. com and I noticed it was rated poorly on WOT by you.

    Can you please edit your rating. As this is not a bad site, you can check it out to see for your self. I’ll really appreciate if I am attended to.

    • I deleted the rating. Just a note, you should not leave fake ratings on MyWot. You can do it the honest way, that you bought the domain, and the bad rating was old. Often bad ratings are from users that left MyWot years ago. And I believe an honest rating has more weight.

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