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    • The site is just 1 year old. For my taste it has too many brands and unrealistically low prices. It’s full of fake reviews too. Looks like a scam to me. iPhone 11 Pro Max 512Gb for $280 – I don’t think so.

    • Most certainly it is a scam. They claim to be in the Ukraine, but have no Ukraine language option. Most likely it’s a Chinese scam, most of the sites on that IP address point to China.

  1. Can you tell me if

    Shenzhen Buy2 Hugo Electronics Co.,Ltd
    Address: No. 26 Meihua Road, Meilin Street, Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong
    Contact Person: Cindy
    Post Code:518000

    this company is a scam or not.


    • When I see a $2000 notebook for $299 it raises a huge warning flag. Reviews on Chinese websites can’t be trusted. Negative reviews will usually be deleted.

    • 100% sure it is a scam. Firstly, the 8th gen i7 is already a few $100 by itself. This factory image does not look like they make notebooks: Does this look like they produce notebooks?

      For contact they use +447749851068 – +447*** numbers are UK numbers with international forwarding. That means they are certainly not in the UK. It pretty sure points to a scam.

  2. Pretty sure this place is scam. It’s on facebook. Seems just about everything on there is a scam. It’s Only name given. Also the email sure doesn’t sound like a business to me. It’s (And that’s a direct paste and copy.) Also claims to be powered by shopify. Claims shipping would take around 20 days, and shipped by e-packet, but quick to point out that e-packet shipping is a USPS shipping method.

  3. Hello,
    I have been trying for an hour and a half to find any info on a store run under the name They should up in shopping result for Google but I am hearing nothing but nightmares associated with shopify e-stores and if I can I would rather forego the battle I’d likely have if I fall victim to an illegitimate retailer there. I don’t understand why the site doesn’t at least create a site easy enough to find the gives certified authentic “myshopify” stores to protect customers. Could you please help me to know whether Pulcomarts are legit? Any direction would be helpful. Thank you

    • Yes, too good to be true. Seems the website is already down. Means, the scammer gave up that website and moved to another one. So, take care and stick to places like Amazon.

  4. Any information on these guys? Also on alibaba :

    TopEshop on alibaba, but when you contact them on whatsapp, he is named nabih sinc
    Picture: Ni (sign).

    Only accepts Bitcoin, MoneyGram and western union. He said maybe bank transfer also.

    I was looking for a place to buy a used iPhone in europe for a good price, and fell over these guys on Alibaba.

    Seems fishy to me!


    found this company from alibaba. the company is from Emerates. I would like to buy a graphic card RTX 2080 Ti 11GB. they said if i buy 10 pieces its going to cost me 250$ each in total 2500$. normally if i see amazon this GPU costs over 1300$ each. and we did whatsup chat, i wanted face to face video call but he said its muslim country so he shouldnt do video calls. also awkward thing is i cant find any reviews from alibaba. he said they dont display reviews. what do you think should i transfer 2500$ or not ????

    • Is it this one -> ?

      According to the address it is a small phone shop in one of the plenty electronics malls in that area. I don’t know if it is a scam, but it is certainly not a manufacturer or wholesaler.

  6. The Joy Max Asia Pacific Limited have sold me USD17,463.40 in Xiaomi Goods on 18thJune . I have proceed total amount
    payment in 26th June. And so far this company didn’t shipped these good and have sent money back.
    5 days ago this company said they are going to send me money back but It didn’t happen. They don’t answear my calls neither
    reply my emails.
    It’s a scam.

    • Difficult to say. Money transfer can take a while. Banks sometimes take their time. The website registered in 2016, so it’s not that new. Give it a few more days. In Hong Kong you can report fraud online and the Hong Kong police will follow up. If you need help, let me know.

      The information in the WHOIS is slightly different:

      Organization name(English): JOY MAX ASIA PACIFIC LIMITED
      Country: Hong Kong (HK)
      Phone: +852-28541988
      Fax: +852-28541788

    • Hi Maria, I have the same problem. I transfer to them about USD 18.000 to buy Xiaomi goods by end of july. They (Alex) don’t answer to me anymore… 1 week ago, He send me an email telling me that they can’t deliver the Xiaomi goods and they will return my money… until now I have no news.
      Alex (the sales manager) didn’t reply my emails, and didn’t connect to Skype

  7. Hi, i´m interested in this company, could it be a scam?
    Name: Shenzen Keta Technology CO., LTD
    Tel: 0755-23483136 Mobile:(86)13480781000
    Fax : 0755-23483136
    Contact Person : Miss Cheryl
    E-mail :
    Address : Room 1016, NO.1 Tongjina Bldg Shennan middle Road futian Dist ShenZhen city GuangDong of China

  8. Please check
    We purchased a sewing machine for $129.00, received an email acknowledging the order with a link to check the status. The link began with the above URL but led to a 404 error page. The next day we got an email stating that the order was shipped, also with a link to check the tracking. Again the link led to a 404 error page. after several weeks, I sent two emails with no response. I made two phone calls with only a voice menu answering. I left messages both times with no response. I filed a dispute with my credit card company company and am waiting for my conditional credit to become permanent. They apparently are getting no response either.

    • Looks very dubious. Most likely a scam. The website is only 3 month old. They give an address in the USA, which is most likely fake, the server data looks like it’s from China. I am pretty sure it’s a scam site.


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