How to verify a Chinese ICP number/号

You may have heard about the ICP registration system in China for any website that is hosted in China. It appears at the bottom of many Chinese websites. To give you an example, I choose the Huawei’s Chinese website for their Honor line of smartphones: At the very bottom, right side, you see their … Read more

A word about Bitcoin Hardware…

Recently I get quite a few requests about bitcoin mining hardware from China. This type of hardware is rather new and therefore the companies/websites are also new. In China there are only a few manufacturers, lots of resellers, and of course lots of scams. I suggest you stick to companies that are known in the … Read more

Take care of +4470….. numbers

Take care of +4470….. numbers! A few days ago I was asked about a cheap iPhone seller in the UK. Or that appeared to be UK based. Their phone number started +4470… Obviously +44 is the UK country code. But +4470… are international forwarding numbers. That means this person/phone can be anywhere in the world. … Read more

Photoshop is great!

(this blog post was cleaned and re-written with some changed links) It’s really funny if you look at some of the factory pictures and how often they are recycled. Have a look and . look at the bottom right of the website and you find the factory building: Take a close look at this websites for … Read more