– let’s have a detailed look at this scam!

Very often I get asked How do you know it is a scam? Usually I can tell within the first 3 Seconds. Today Moty asked me how about ? Let’s start with having a look how old the website is, for that I use the HE Net WHOIS: It said: Creation Date: 2018-03-14 … Read more – let’s have a detailed look at this scam!

Tool scams = Credit Card Phishing = #electronics_scams

Quite a few people asked on my website and our Facebook page on feedback on websites like,, – do they look similar to you? Prices are low, too low to be believable. No contact, no address. They all look more or less like this one: Aim is purely to get your credit … Read more Tool scams = Credit Card Phishing = #electronics_scams

A look at a specific site @ #Electronics_Scams

Recently a site visitor ask me about and they have send him their business registration. So lets have a closer look…. He received this two scans: The first is an annual Hong Kong business registration. They other one is the CR record, the record of incorporation. What is interesting the the Chinese company name, … Read more A look at a specific site @ #Electronics_Scams

A random scam look:

Let’s a have a closer look at a typical China #electronics_scam site that I reported already: What I notice first is, that websites looks similar to 100th of other China electronics sites. They have some random images of a (Apple?) store in China, and of course plenty of electronics on display. Next, check the … Read more A random scam look: