Domain scam:

Just got a mail, SPAM of course, from a domain scammer that was new to me: RE:  WEB SITE SERVICES This notice RUNS OUT ON: Oct 30, 2020 We have not received a settlement from you. We’ve tried to call you yet were unable to reach you. Please Go To: For information and to … Read more

A look at a specific site @ #Electronics_Scams

Recently a site visitor ask me about and they have send him their business registration. So lets have a closer look…. He received this two scans: The first is an annual Hong Kong business registration. They other one is the CR record, the record of incorporation. What is interesting the the Chinese company name, … Read more – an update

In December 2016 I wrote a blog post about They are still active on Facebook and their own website. I had a look again, they have a new frontpage picture showing a cool phone store: Nice store? Yes, certainly. Problem is, it’s not their store. It’s an Apple Store in Bangkok and the image … Read more

A random scam look:

Let’s a have a closer look at a typical China #electronics_scam site that I reported already: What I notice first is, that websites looks similar to 100th of other China electronics sites. They have some random images of a (Apple?) store in China, and of course plenty of electronics on display. Next, check the … Read more – a closer look

Many people ask the last few days “how about sz-borun?” Lets have a more detailed look at this scam: #1 > If you take a look at the WHOIS you see that the website got only created 2016-04-20 – just about 8 month old. That is not good. #2 > Look at the products, you see … Read more

what about ?

A few people recently ask me about , and what I think about it. I am highly suspicious for a few reasons, to me it looks like it belongs in the #electronics_scams group. I give you a few reasons here: 1. The website is just about 1 month old (creation date 2016-11-10), but on … Read more