February Update @ #electronics_scams

A few more electronics scams with cheap (but not existing) iPhones. Take care and do not send your money to them!


A look at coreofficial.com #electronics_scams

I few days ago ‘Reda’ ask about coreofficial.com – so I had a look.

coreofficial.com website

The site is hosted on GoDaddy, so it’s most likely not from China. On their about page they say the company does iPhones since 2007 ….

coreofficial.com since 2007

.. however, the WHOIS tells us something different:

coreofficial.com created December 2016

Created in December 2016 – a bit over one month old now.

I don’t think they are in China, but lets have a look where they are located … right, there is no address, no phone. We even don’t know what country they are in.

Would I buy there? NO WAY!

A few more #electronics_scams

A little update to the never stopping list of #electronics_scams , as usual, most are from China. Take care!


Check also my list of nearly 5000 reported #electronics_scams:

List of all #electronics_scams reported so far

A random scam look: freeshipelectronic.com

Let’s a have a closer look at a typical China #electronics_scam site that I reported already:


What I notice first is, that websites looks similar to 100th of other China electronics sites. They have some random images of a (Apple?) store in China, and of course plenty of electronics on display.

Next, check the About Us :

There is eactually no information about the company at all. But they have a hotline:
+86-0371 4444444 (That is Zhengzhou, in Henan, not exactly the center of electronics)

Fake phone number

It’s fake, as all fixed line phone numbers in China are 8 digits.

They did some wrong linking too, here is what should be the About Us – and here they write since 2005. See if that matches the age of the domain…. next:

Now we do a domain registration WHOIS:

The domain was Created on 2016-11-16 – about 2 month old now, so not in 2005.

The have an open Message Board, were everybody can leave a message, so so far they received nearly 18000 pages of messages (each page has 20 messages, so it’s about 350,000 by the time of writing this – but this shows can have an open comment system without Captcha or admin approval).

Let’s look at just one product, the iPhone 7 Plus – which they offer at a very modest $300

iPhone 7 Plus for $300 , obviously a scam

There is an English proverb: if it’s too good to be true….. of course it’s a scam.

Just for you reference, the cheapest iPhone 7 Plus in China is RMB6388 – that is US$928

Here are iPhone prices in China, and around the world: http://iphone-worldwide.com

Take care of +447….. numbers

A few days ago I was asked about a cheap iPhone seller in the UK. Or that appeared to be UK based.

Their phone number started +447…

Obviously +44 is the UK country code. But +447… are international forwarding numbers. That means this person/phone can be anywhere in the world. In the past they where mainly in Nigeria. But now seems like scammer all over the world like those phone numbers.

Here is an old blog about +447 from fraud expert Joe Wein:


Take care!

New Home!

I just move this website to a new server. Hopefully we will get a better speed now.

There might be still some errors, if you see something – tell me!

Enjoy the better speed now!

Last #electronics_scams Update in 2016!

Today I did another facebook post with a little electronics scam list. And at the bottom a list with all #electronics_scams reported so far!


I was also ask if there is a complete scam list. Well, there will never be a complete list. But here is a EXCEL file with all electronics scams that I collected so far.

List of nearly 5000 electronics scams

sz-borun.com – a closer look

Many people ask the last few days “how about sz-borun?”


Lets have a more detailed look at this scam:

#1 > If you take a look at the WHOIS you see that the website got only created 2016-04-20 – just about 8 month old. That is not good.

#2 > Look at the products, you see Apple, Samsung – this products are more expensive in China. They can not be cheap. It’s impossible. You can check on iPhone Prices Worldwide what iPhones really cost in China. Remember, there is no wholesale for Apple products.

#3 > On their “intro” page they show many certificates – non can be expanded so you can’t verify any of them.

#4 > From their products all items they have are trading items – why there are manufacturing images on their website? It doesn’t match.

#5 > OK, lets look at one image:

12″ Wafer Packaging Solution? This is a semiconductor production related item/process. Has nothing to do with end-user products. Maybe they borrowed it here – but that website doesn’t need 12″ wafer either….

#6 > Picture looking is fun, check another one:
random electronics factory

A random electronics factory image of some board level assembly. Again, does not match the products they do. And again, you can find the same image here or here or here or here – or probably 100 more.

#7 > Usually China scams use one email and one phone number for one scam and get a new one for any new scam. But their Skype name, okanne0715, was used in previous scams in an email address okanne0715@hotmail.com – strange coincidence….

#8 > One more technical look, their website is on IP -t the IP range *.93 – *.101 has about 100 of similar electronics scams. A list of the IP Neighbors.

It’s a very typical scam – stay away from them!

Photoshop is great!

(this blog post was cleaned and re-written with some changed links)

It’s really funny if you look at some of the factory pictures and how often they are recycled. Have a look and loveslf.com . look at the bottom right of the website and you find the factory building:

Take a close look at this websites for the same factory building picture:


…and many more. Image search is a good way to check how authentic the pictures are.

what about awstore.co ?

A few people recently ask me about  awstore.co , and what I think about it.

I am highly suspicious for a few reasons, to me it looks like it belongs in the #electronics_scams group. I give you a few reasons here:

1. The website is just about 1 month old (creation date 2016-11-10), but on their websites it said either 2001 or 2007 depends where you look, you can look the website age up with a WHOIS search here: Domaintools

2. On the same WHOIS page you find no address, they hide behind an anonymization service.

3. But lets look at their page, they are in …. , well, they write their opening times, but no address. We even have no idea what country they are in.

4. At the bottom of their page they have several logos, lets look at them:

On the left you see BBB, which should be linked to the BBB website, but isn’t.

Then you have the VeriSign logo, means the website is certified by VeriSign – but isn’t, it’s unsecured website without any certificate.

My conclusion: Avoid!