Good China Shopping Sites

Here is a list of good China sites. I will add more details soon.

These sites are platforms, similar to eBay, you have individual sellers. When you buy 3 items you might buy it from 3 different sellers. They are quite safe when you buy through their sales and payment system:

This list are companies, so when you buy several different items there is just one seller. Those sites are also a few years in business and are safe to use:

And one Hong Kong store, this is also a direct sales store:
If you are just interested in prices in Hong Kong you can check

There are also many retails websites in China that server the local market in China, a few examples, of course they are only in Chinese:

(I am not associated with any of those sites)

You know a good site I should add? Leave a comment here…..

437 thoughts on “Good China Shopping Sites”

  1. Hello! I have read your comment that Shenzhen Baisili Electronics Co., Ltd. is a scam. Are you sure?
    I am asking this because they appear on Alibaba as 2-year Gold Supplier, they have the “Onsite Check” mark, they use Trade Assuarance and accept payments with Paypal.
    On the other hand they offer very low prices and they have a less than 20% response rate.
    Please help!

    • They even don’t have their own website as far as I can see. Their products are high on the scam list. Alibaba safety usually does not mean anything. You can try your luck with something cheap and see what happens.

    • The images from the sales manager is not real and was copied from the web. The company has no website, that is very unusual in 2018. I would not trust them. You can find suppliers for the same products here:

      And of course, a company that actually delivers the product you paid for is more expensive than a scam.

  2. Dear Team,

    Please confirm if Shenzhen Baisili Electronics Co., Ltd is a Legit or Scammer. says its 2 year old business and its a gold supplier. It also says Trade Assurance on supplier’s page.

    Can you please help me as i wanted to buy a laptop from this seller.

    I’m trying to buy MSI GT83VR Laptop which they are selling for $299 – $399. The market price is $4300.

    Really need your help for a newbie.


    • MSI GT83VR Laptop which they are selling for $299 – $399. The market price is $4300.

      You can guess the answer by using a little bit common sense. Of course it is a scam.

      • Thank’s a lot for your answer sir!
        But why they need the credit card data?
        You think they can take all my money from that bank account? do i have to change it?
        After i purchase the item i received a email from that says:

        “Dear Sir/Madam,
        Thanks for your payment via king365pay.
        In order to offer better services for you, please take 1 minute for the following short investigation.

        1.Could you please tell us the site/url you buy the products?
        2.Could you tell us the actual amount showing in the bill?
        Order details:
        Merchant Order NO.: 2194615230204497602
        Transaction time: 2018-4-6
        Amount: 76.68EUR”

    • Alibaba itself is certainly not a scam. It is a platform were companies can register and offer their products or services. But Alibaba does not check if the companies or offers are real.

      • Becareful with buying things from alibaba. Especially if seller are asking for western union! A lot of them will sent fake shipping number and ask you to pay extra couple of days later when you package is on hold at custom!

    • A scam gang. If you check their domain IP you find many similar scams, all have the same IP:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • Looks like a scam/estafa. It is a China company, why they have a Hong Kong business registration on their website? I am sure it’s fake so are the CE papers.

    • What a question! You see iPhone 8 for US$115 – of course it’s a scam. Website is less than 2 weeks old. And look what other domains are on the same IP address:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • Looks like a single person trader to me. Phone line and fax line are the same. Can not say it’s a scam, but would be very careful.


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