Good China Shopping Sites

Here is a list of good China sites. I will add more details soon.

These sites are platforms, similar to eBay, you have individual sellers. When you buy 3 items you might buy it from 3 different sellers. They are quite safe when you buy through their sales and payment system:

This list are companies, so when you buy several different items there is just one seller. Those sites are also a few years in business and are safe to use:

And one Hong Kong store, this is also a direct sales store:
If you are just interested in prices in Hong Kong you can check

There are also many retails websites in China that server the local market in China, a few examples, of course they are only in Chinese:

(I am not associated with any of those sites)

You know a good site I should add? Leave a comment here…..

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  1. Nombre de empresa: Shenzhen Baisili Electronics Co., Ltd
    Dirección operacional: 901a, Edificio C, Keyu Hotel Daduhui, Buji, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
    Sitio web:
    Sitio web en

    • I have no idea who they are or what they do. I would be extremely careful. In 2016 I was asked about that mail, and had no idea. The company name is most likely fake. Most likely they will ask to payment to a personal account.

    • I have no idea. They write: Coolgiftmart pioneered the 3D lamp design in the year 2014 – but the website is less than 2 years old. They give their address as Address: 18501 Arenth Ave #42784483 , City of Industry California 91748 US – but all WHOIS details point to China. Most likely a scam.

    • Page was already removed, so I didn’t see it. Any type of Apple product is usually not cheap in China. If you see something cheap it will be a scam.

    • I am pretty sure this is a scam. Typically high end products are very expensive in countries that aren’t very developed. I don’t expect electronics to be cheap in Georgia.

  2. dinosaur night light|Velociraptor Dinosaur 3D night light|CoolGIftMart

    The Velociraptor Dinosaur 3D night light is a combination of art and technology that creates an optical 3D illusion and plays tricks on the eyes.This will be great gift idea for dinosaur lovers.

    • If you run a scam it’s not a good idea to SPAM on a websites that warn for scams, like yours.

      So people, stay away from this scam artist. It’s the common spotify supported Facebook type scam.

  3. Shenzhen Focal-Shop Electronic Co, Limited
    ADD: 9/F, Bldg.#8, Niuguling Industrial Zone, Bantian, Longgang District, Shenzhen, China
    Office Tel: +852 6061 9068

    Is this company legit or scam? They message me through email

    • I can not find any link/website to that company name or address, or phone number. The phone number is in Hong Kong, not China, and it’s not registered. That does not look good, so even without knowing their website I believe it’s a scam.

  4. Please I would like your help, I talk to these people UEEPHONE. COM for two days it seems very strange to me that they want so much to cooperate with me, I am a trader from Greece and I am looking for remanufactured iPhone, these people make me very good prices for the data, I do not know. Does anyone know something? If it can help me thank you

    • I have seen a few times. The website is only a bit over 1 year old (they write since 2012 in their About Us) and they are anonymously registered. They write they have a physical store located in Shenzhen Huaqiangbei (华强北路 I guess), but do not give the address.

      This may not be a scam, but I suggest be very careful and try small orders. Be also check the parallel import laws in your country, and be aware that everything with an Apple logo will be counterfeit.

    • Guangzhou aifang technology co., Ltd.
      Shenzhen baisili Electronics’s Co., Ltd

      Очень уж дёшево они электронику продают, мошенники?

  5. Hello this is really important I’m not sure if this company is legit or a scam I emailed them about phones and they sent me videos and pictures of the phones I want and they wrote my full name and email on a text pic in the video so to make sure that they are not selling fake items or being a scam payment only be made in Weston union or telegraphic transfer please let me know if it’s a scam or not

    • is yet another 100% sure scam.

      Two things come to my mind:

      1.) You are really good in finding scams, although unknowingly.
      2.) Do not buy any high price items online

  6. Hi I want to know if is a scam I’m interested buying some new phones from there and I’m curious the phones are cheap if anyone knows if it’s legit or a scam please let me know soon as possible

  7. Someone already asked about this E-mail address here “” (above comment), and I have been dealing with them now, they said their company would be “Jianzzhang Electronics Co. Ltd.” what is a total different company to before, they sent me bank account information from a bank account in the PHILLIPINES … very dangerous. I am just very angry, that they are still active (the past comment was from 2017, now it is 2019). How can I report them to stop doing that business?? I guess they are located in the Philippines somewhere …

    • Basically those China sites where you can register such companies do not care. The only thing what you can do, and what you already did, do your research before you send them money. And post them on other websites, like here. You did that too.

    • They offer refurbished phones. It is hard to say if they are legit or not. It maybe be legit, but most likely a single person company.

      I feel a bit strange that this company uses the same phone number:

      Probably the same person.

  8. Folks, just follow the golden rule of commerce, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!” Simple as that, and please don’t make a fool out of yourselves! ;)
    Even if it costs a few extra dollars, buy only from well established stores like Amazon DotCom, eBay DotCom, or BangGood DotCom, etc… otherwise you WILL make a fool of out yourselves!! ;D

    • The website is I oppressive however I ordered a phone months ago and have yet to receive anything and my emails now go unanswered. Scam for sure!! Is there any governing agency victims of their scam can contact for any recourse??

    • I am skeptical. They write ‘established in 2012‘ but the website was only registered 2018-04-21. Their English writing does not make much sense. They write about manufactorer but mean retail or repair shop.

      They write Hong Kong and China, but there is no Hong Kong address.

      Their head image has obviously a Photoshopped company name:

      I would not feel good here.

  9. Something else I have found with eBay and AliBaba. Many of the sellers advertise fake items. Yes, you will get the item, but it will be fake. Neither eBay nor AliBaba administration will do anything about it.

    Areas where I have found problems are:

    Seeds of non-existent plants: rainbow coloured roses, blue watermelons, and so on. You will get a packet of grass or radish seeds, and by the time you germinate them it will be too late to even leave negative feedback.

    Silk: there are thousands of silk items listed, nearly all of them have no silk content. “Genuine Thai Silk” is eBay speak for “100% polyester”.

    Opals: again, thousands of listings with almost none being real opal. Mostly plastics or other synthetics. I think the sellers believe that opal is a colour rather than a gemstone.

    • Alibaba usually protects the seller no matter what. You know the Alibaba story… and the 40 thieves…

      eBay has a item not as described complain procedure. But it can be tricky to achieve success. Your seed example is a classic. You will have time-out before you even know.

      With other products, for example fake SD cards, the (usually Chinese) seller will ask you to cancel the report and promises you anything you want to hear. Till you cancel the claim, then you don’t hear from them again. A closed claim can’t be reopened. They know the eBay system very well.

      My advise with eBay is, do not hesitate. File your claim and ignore all sellers responses and end the claim as soon as you can.

          • Hello i’m in China i buy materials to runbestbuy, i understand now it’s a scam , Can i go to see the police their?I transfer money by bank .
            I have name of the people and account number and bank.

          • You can try. I doubt you will ever see your money again, or the goods you paid for, but it is worth a try if you are in China anyway.

            I suggest you print out everything, the website, the order page, the bank details, everything. Again, to get money back is very unlikely. Chinese police will usually not help when foreigners are involved.

            To warn others, can you let us know what you bought and the amount?

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