List of Facebook Sponsored Ad Scams

To keep the main page a bit cleaner here is a list of the Facebook sponsored ad scams by this particular criminal gang.

Many of the websites are already taken down. But new ones are created every day.

Details are on my main page:

A new type scam on Facebook

Have you been scammed? Here is what you can do:

  • Contact your bank
  • Dispute the fraudulent transaction
  • It may help to talk to the disputes department

Many here have been successful getting their money back.

Not all in the list below did Facebook ads, many are related to that gang from hints one can find from the way the sites are operating.

The scam list:

60 thoughts on “List of Facebook Sponsored Ad Scams”

  1. is a scam just rip off do not buy from these crooks they never sent the product and had the nerve to say go to their distr center to pick up package just crooks no more but locally never from china .

  2. I too purchased an item for $79.90 from (foryouthsome internet) as this appeared on my bank summary purchase. Received no email confirmation number or purchase order. It was a mini remote controlled battery operated trailer mover on tracks. This sight was on Facebook and haven’t seen the add since! Same one that advertised miniature 🚗 cars (one-two seater) for adults that goes 55 mph. I was smart, didn’t order it, but I bit on the mini trailer track mover operated off battery and remote controlled.

  3. hello everyone I bought a mobile trailer from foryouthsome on the 22nd of December I paid for it and its was very expensive until today I have been trying to contact the head office no one has answered at all I have not received anything at all no emails no nothing. I am very very disappointed they have scammed everyone who has bought from them. they said I will receive it within 2 weeks after purchase but I haven’t gotten anything.
    will I receive it at all or no. and how am I able to get in touch with them and get my money back

    I have also been trying to get to their website but it wouldn’t allow me to it says this site can not be reached and I have trying to email them and get a reply back fast but I haven’t received anything.
    this is the website:
    it doesn’t allow you to access it at all.

  4. Folks, just follow the golden rule of commerce, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!” Simple as that, and please don’t make a fool out of yourselves! ;)
    Even if it costs a few extra dollars, buy only from well established stores like,, or, etc… otherwise you WILL make a fool of out yourselves!! ;D

  5. I ordered a handheld lift/hoist for my husband. The transaction passed on my credit on Dec. 31, 2018 but I have not received anyting yet.
    Did someone else get caught with this scam?

  6. I got scammed by the website is already down. How Is Facebook allowing this to happen?? This is BS. Can you check I believe I am also getting scammed by them as well.

  7. Online shopping is supposivly the future. Facebook has a long way to go if we’re being ripped off. Facebook made a buck or two off us. Anyone know if they have any type of security checking this ? I felt comfortable ordering off a Facebook ad. Maybe I accidentally clicked on some two Facedbook or something. All I know is that’s the only website I’ve been ripped off from .

  8. Ladies and gentlemen, don’t buy directly from the scammers. If you like the product, do a search description on EBAY and there you have a guarantee and many times the item is cheaper. Just purchased a between the seat cup holder for my car that was advertised here for $39.99 plus $4.99 shipping and got it on Ebay for $13.49 plus free shipping. Be careful purchasing directly on FB!

    • Seems it’s already down. From what I can see they have lot’s of cheap products, in the hope what customers don’t bother to complain.

  9. There are LOADS of scam offers on apps such as Mobilityware’s Solitaire and Spider Solitaire. Don’t buy anything you see offered on these apps. These apps are on Google Play so I think they should know that they are making these apps and therefore these scams available

  10. used to be and still goes by that on Facebook goes by Allbetter on Facebook

    They both look like they came out of the same scam foundry.

  11. I would advise any one that sees anything on facebook to order do not order. It is a scam. I got scamed and immediately changed my visa number. I did get my money back, so everyone out there beware. Facebook should know better.

  12. I ordered two computer coffee tables from This was the beginning of December. After waiting all this time I see them on your scam list.I normally will only buy stuff on line through Paypal. I can’t think what possessed me to order these just using my credit card. It has left me $470 out of pocket. Thank heavens I mislaid my credit card just afterwards so I canceled it and got a new one with a different number. That will teach me a valuable lesson. Not to buy on line unless through Paypal;

  13. I ordered from Narballa…..they do answer emails, but they say they can’t give tracking numbers or shipper and to be patient, order will be delivered in 30 days.

  14. Yes, It was here. I had a list of links to scam sites that I had found, and when I posted it, a popup said it looked like spam and deleted it. I’ll just give you a list of names instead of links. There are 9 scam sites that have the same IP address and

    • Please post any links without https:// or http://, just i.e. – that should work.

      The IPs belong to Amazon, so that’s a dead end. Most likely some sort of CDN. Nowadays many IPs point to some CDN service, mainly CloudFlare. Since they group many 1000 domains on one IP randomly it’s pointless to look at sites hosted on that IP. Same for Godaddy or other website hosts. I saw also many hosted in the Shopify IP block.

  15. Hi, thanks for the heads up! I ordered a wig from using my paypal acct, so it’s probably not arriving as I see then on the scam list. Will my debit & bank info be protected since I used PayPal?

    • Paypal is safe. If possible, please update if something arrives. You can claim also your money back because of non-delivery.

  16. If you’ve bought from a site like this, don’t just cancel the transaction, cancel the credit card too and watch for fraudulent transactions, because a lot of them exist just to steal credit card numbers.

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