List of Facebook Sponsored Ad Scams

To keep the main page a bit cleaner here is a list of the Facebook sponsored ad scams by this particular criminal gang.

Many of the websites are already taken down. But new ones are created every day.

Details are on my main page:

A new type scam on Facebook

Have you been scammed? Here is what you can do:

  • Contact your bank
  • Dispute the fraudulent transaction
  • It may help to talk to the disputes department

Many here have been successful getting their money back.

Not all in the list below did Facebook ads, many are related to that gang from hints one can find from the way the sites are operating.

The scam list:

66 thoughts on “List of Facebook Sponsored Ad Scams”

  1. Naijatastic adds on facebook trying to sell Razer Wolverine pro controllers for 1/3 of the price brand new using the companies own mimicked website. It looks very real so be careful!

    Scam and half kinda scam

    • Sure a scam. They have a normal looking website and then a few scam links. I doubt you get the normal products either.

  2. I paid for a product from Funnysoul, I didn’t receive my order and when i quired it, I was told it didn’t get sent and I had to pay for postage and admin costs if I wanted a 50% refund of what i originally paid.

  3. Thank you-I was scammed twice now on facebook playing a game and the ads appeared and thought these were approved by facebook boy was I wrong. Thank you.

  4. when you pay via PayPal guest, this is also a common way and adds an air of legitimacy but is NOT covered by PayPal if using guest pay for a scam merchandiser.

    • Most scammers avoid Paypal since once they get too many complaints they will freeze the account. It makes them also more traceable. But right, Paypal is certainly not foolproof and does not give 100% safety. But a store that is NOT having Paypal does raise a warning flag. Take care that some scam stores have the Paypal logo, but do not offer Paypal.

  5. Can anything be done if you are a victim of scam or they just out my money? What are my rights buying goods from overseas?

    • Not much. You can (no, you SHOULD) file a dispute with your credit card holding bank. Often that works and people do get their money back.

    • Just wanted to add if something is priced so well and especially has a countdown timer till it ends, and it just seems to good to be true, 99.99% of the time it is. We all want quality items for cheap, but the words quality and cheap dont go in the same conversation unless the word “‘isn’t” is between them.


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