Momo-Lucky – see what happens…

I received some images from a scammed Momo-Lucky customer in the USA.

What was odered – an electric snow shovel:

Shovel Ordered From Momo-Lucky
Shovel Ordered From Momo-Lucky

The package that arrived:

Momo-Lucky tracking to the USA
Momo-Lucky tracking to the USA

(I presume that the senders address and the phone number are fake. The address in Chinese characters is: 酒仙桥东路10号,一号楼,155号房间, 朝阳区, 北京市 )

And what was inside the package:

Received from Momo-Lucky
Received from Momo-Lucky

Yes, it’s an ice scraper – for US$79.90

There are also reports here that the same ice scraper was received from – – – and most likely more.

Have you been scammed? Here is what you can do:

  • Contact your bank
  • Dispute the fraudulent transaction
  • It may help to talk to the disputes department
  • Many here have been successful getting their money back.

    57 thoughts on “Momo-Lucky – see what happens…”

    1. I too got sucked in..I orderd ultra thin treadmill which they are advertising on facebook $154.99 and after a month i recieved wireless earbuds. Assholes!

    2. Add me to the list!!! Didn’t even realized Ice Scraper was suppose to be the Snow Shovel. Feel like a complete idiot. Should’ve listen to my gut…price too good to be true!!

    3. I got the Ice scraper What a bunch of crap. I am going to talk to the BBB. How can Facebook allow these bastards yo scam people.?

    4. Bonjour j’ai acheté et payé un souffleur et je n’ai pas reçu ma commande. Depuis le 12 novembre 2018. Pourrais avoir des nouvelles où recevoir un crédit SVP.

    5. Bonjour
      J’ai commandé chez Vous une fraiseuse à neige electrique avec accumulateur.
      Je n’ai toujours pas recu cette machine actuellement et sa fait 1 mois.
      Merci pour votre envoi assez rapide.
      Numéro order# : 3209

    6. I ordered a flat screen monitor that adds a 2nd screen to anything from a cell phone to laptop, supposed to be light an portable like the size of a large thin tablet. I received a [email protected]&&@/& magnifying glass with a place to put your cell phone to magnify the screen of you have trouble seeing. 179.99 piece of trash 3$ magnifying glass. I would rather have been blatantly ripped off an not my intelligence insulted with the cheap replacement gift

    7. Glad I found this page, I too got the ice scrapper and now I know to protest it. How can Facebook allow these scams without checking them out first?

    8. I too got sucked in – I will never buy unless it is Paypal or let alone just on Amazon

      I hate being scammed like that – kinda of difficult to shovel a drive way with a stupid scrapper in Canada winters

      I vote for Trump to close all trades with China

    9. I also fell victim to this scam. Paid $79.90 for an electric snow shovel and recently received a snow scrapper! I am so infuriated with Momo-Lucky; and this needs to stop. I’m going to report this to the Attorney General’s Office and my credit card company. This fraudulent company needs to be prosecuted.

    10. Hi,
      I ordered 3D print + CNC + laser engraver for 299USD and I received small hand engraver!! This is a BIG scam!! I must contact my bank!

    11. Count me in as well. I knew it was too good to be true after comparing the prices to the products available elsewhere. And I knew I was in trouble when the txt message they sent was a link to a Chinese website and tracking was never available. Going to call Visa this morning.

    12. Just recieve mines on the mail yesterday and the same thing a dam ice scraper for 79.00 the the hell wont my dam money back going to call my credit card how can they do shit like this never going to order shit off line ever

    13. I had the same issue. Saw special on Facebook for Snow Joe 80v snowshovel. Item not received. Reported. Hopefully will get my refund.
      Lesson learned. Will never buy from a non reputable website/company

    14. I just received my ice scraper instead of the snow shovel. I will try to get my money back through my CC company. Shameful!!

    15. I ordered a gas powered tanklike skateboard and received wireless bluetooth ear buds. Luckily I can dispute the charge cause was done on credit card.

    16. I ordered this shovel November 11 2018. Couldn’t wait to get it and still do not have it. However…I did receive the ice scraper and really did not even know what it was until just now when I was checking the tracking number for it and came across this page.
      Can’t believe it! I am going to call my Credit Card company. We’ll see what happens.

    17. I order an electric snow shovel about 3 weeks ago for $79.90 dollars mine order number is 4522452 please send or give my money back.

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