Take care of +447….. numbers

A few days ago I was asked about a cheap iPhone seller in the UK. Or that appeared to be UK based.

Their phone number started +447…

Obviously +44 is the UK country code. But +447… are international forwarding numbers. That means this person/phone can be anywhere in the world. In the past they where mainly in Nigeria. But now seems like scammer all over the world like those phone numbers.

Here is an old blog about +447 from fraud expert Joe Wein:


Take care!

6 thoughts on “Take care of +447….. numbers”

  1. Same is happened with me.. A man talked to me.. And send me a parcel and next day a woman wants me to deposit thirty five thousand to release that parcel from costume.. Its a total fraud.

  2. Hy help me
    I am scammed by this number 447597312468
    He said he will send me a suprise but actually what he did was he sended a parcel to me from london
    And today morning a woman from india call me saying i need to pay 25000
    Whhat should i do
    I am a student right now

  3. Do not communicate and being influenced by person from London, richman dan has intention to find the good woman and loyal to be his wife, then he pretends send many gifts, his big bug of money and his document to get merried to our country. @willimssmith9255 (instagram). Then ask for release the package at the custom via the private agen, asking clearance tax 2.500 USD, giving his faked invoice ( delivery shipping company from London), The phone : +447934547053

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