A look at a specific site @ #Electronics_Scams

Recently a site visitor ask me about http://hjm-light.com and they have send him their business registration. So lets have a closer look….

He received this two scans:

The first is an annual Hong Kong business registration. They other one is the CR record, the record of incorporation.

What is interesting the the Chinese company name, 光电… and so on. Here is what is strange, they register in Hong Kong, their name is in China Chinese (simplified Chinese characters) but Hong Kong uses traditional Chinese character and their company name should start 光電…

Note the difference 电 and 電.

Not convinced that this is more Photoshop than real, then have a look at the English name and find it in the Hong Kong companies database at https://www.icris.cr.gov.hk (search is free, no need to register)

So I did a search for companies that start with “HJM” – and I got is this:

Ok, there is HJM PHOTOELECTRICITY, that is close…. But their registration dates are very different…

Most scams are that easy to spot when you look a little bit closer.

Take Care!

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