Domain scam:

Just got a mail, SPAM of course, from a domain scammer that was new to me: RE:  WEB SITE SERVICES This notice RUNS OUT ON: Oct 30, 2020 We have not received a settlement from you. We’ve tried to call you yet were unable to reach you. Please Go To: For information and to … Read more

Facebook Scam Ad: mcvwe – the all-electric-tilting-bike

Lately it was relatively quiet. Seems like Chinese New Year does reduce scam activities. Here is a reminder that Facebook ad scams still go on! I saw this ad: ..and it links to this website: Just by common sense, $79.99 is simply impossible. If you want one expect a few $1000 – you can … Read more – yet another Facebook Scam!

Yet another brand new Facebook ad scam – just seen a few Minutes ago! A 200W LY Laser non-contact descaling rust removing clearning machine metal laser derusting machine for just US$195 by This is the ad: And their website: Problem is, the real laser rust remover costs about US$25,999 (click here) Again, many Facebook … Read more

New on Facebook: Cruise Job Scams

In the last few days I saw a few of those ads on Facebook. Have you seen one? I see several a day. This is what they write: ⛔ WhatsApp :+1 [530] 562-9476 WhatsApp Chat Only:Press The Link To Message Me Directly On ⛔ WhatsApp :+1 [530] 562-9476 More Than 500 Position Are Needed Down … Read more

Facebook scam ads – they still go on!

It’s hard to believe, but the scam ads on Facebook still appear! Facebook must have received 1000’s of complaints since November 2018 – now it’s end January 2019 – and they still promote obvious scam. Unbelievable! One Facebook problem is of course that you can report anything in a meaningful way, leave alone talk to … Read more

A new type scam on Facebook

Recently I can see almost every day a new scam campaign by a Facebook/Instagram scam gang. They take some images from the web, often from Kickstarter, Indiegogo etc. – and they sell it at ridiculous low prices. Of course buyers will never get anything. Please let me know in case you see sites I should … Read more