Some #electronics_scams for August 2018

Some #electronics_scams for August 2018. The Chinese websites are usually no delivery sites, the international websites usually just want to get your credit card number. Be careful!

June 2018 – more #electronics_scams found!

Here is an update to my #electronics_scams list. As usual, most are from China, but there are a few others. If you have any question about any of the sites – or any other website – ask me! – let’s have a detailed look at this scam!

Very often I get asked How do you know it is a scam? Usually I can tell within the first 3 Seconds. Today Moty asked me how about ?

Let’s start with having a look how old the website is, for that I use the HE Net WHOIS:

It said: Creation Date: 2018-03-14 – the website is as of today just 2 month old. Even though on their website they write: EEON become the leading US wholesaler and distributor of the Apple iPhone since 2007.

The WHOIS registration name they use is Registrant Name: PERFECT PRIVACY, LLC. In my opinion a company that wants my (or your) money should need to have a real address, and not use an anonymization service.

From their DNS I see they use Name Server: – means they host their scam on – a legit business host where you can host your website for/from US$5.00/month.

So far it doesn’t look confidence building. But let’s have a look at the website.

First, let’s go back to EEON become the leading US wholesaler and distributor of the Apple iPhone since 2007. But their address: is:

EEON INC – 95 Hàng Chiếu, Đồng Xuân, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội, Vietnam

How likely is it that a Vietnamese company can be the leading US wholesaler and distributor for iPhones? Correct, zero. Additionally, Apple has no wholesalers. All iPhone distribution is done by Apple directly. Whenever you see Apple iPhone wholesaler – it’s highly likely a scam.

They have a very nice (WOW) conference room I have to admit. You can create it too, here: – yes, Photoshop helps, look here:

At this point it makes not much sense to look further, so I just add this little points:

On the bottom you see the BBB logo – but it’s not linked to the BBB website. They are unlikely to be BBB credited. That the VerySign certificate also doesn’t exist might be no surprise.

My conclusion: 100% scam!

It might be the same scammers that where doing Awstore/Awstores (not working anymore)

A May 2018 #electronics_scams update

There are still plenty of electronics scams online. Here is my latest list. As usual most are from China. But some have (fake) USA addresses. Take good care!

Tool scams = Credit Card Phishing = #electronics_scams

Quite a few people asked on my website and our Facebook page on feedback on websites like,, – do they look similar to you? Prices are low, too low to be believable. No contact, no address.

They all look more or less like this one:

Typical tool scam website.

Typical tool scam website.

Aim is purely to get your credit card details. In case you did enter your card details, I suggest you monitor your credit card bill very closely.

I guess there are a few 1000 very similar websites in that design, all the same gang. Here are a few more that I could find on google within one Minute:

#electronics_scams for February 2018

Some #electronics_scams for February 2018. Note that not all seem to be from China. There are a few that look like from other countries.

#electronics_scams for January 2018

Some #electronics_scams for January 2018 – be careful, they will never stop making new scam websites:

How to verify a Chinese ICP number/号

You may have heard about the ICP registration system in China for any website that is hosted in China. It appears at the bottom of many Chinese websites. To give you an example, I choose the Huawei’s Chinese website for their Honor line of smartphones:

At the very bottom, right side, you see their ICP number: 苏ICP备17040376号-4

It is a clickable link. When clicked it brings you to this Chinese government website:

To people that don’t read Chinese it looks, well, Chinese. But we do not give up so fast!

Look near the bottom, right side, and click: 公共查询

On the next page, click the 2nd option in the left menu: 备案信息查询

Verify Chinese websites CIP numbers.

The data entry table appears, and we click: 备案/许可证号 (4th option)

And we enter: 苏ICP备17040376号 (without the -4)

We are now nearly ready, but you need to get the verification code. To get that click on 获取验证码 (last line, see the green arrow in my image)

A code will be generated, enter it (a red marking shows if you are wrong, a green when you are correct) – and click 提交 (blue arrow).

Verify Chinese websites CIP numbers.

And you get the below out and your websites shows up as, which means it is correctly registered.

If your domain does not show up it means either it was copied from another website, so it’s fake, or it’s not in the database yet. It changes slow sometimes.

#Electronics_Scams for December 2017

Christmas is just over and unfortunately the scams did make good money from some poor souls. Really, do your research and buy only if you see absolutely no warning signs!

#Electronics_Scams for November 2017

Most of this #Electronics_Scams are from China, but not all. Plenty of scam artists from other countries try to get your money. Take good care of it!

A word about Bitcoin Hardware…

Recently I get quite a few requests about bitcoin mining hardware from China. This type of hardware is rather new and therefore the companies/websites are also new.


In China there are only a few manufacturers, lots of resellers, and of course lots of scams. I suggest you stick to companies that are known in the Bitcoin community, here are a few:

I added 2 more sites:

And if you have specific questions about Bitcoin related software, hardware, whatever, there is a great, very active forum:

A small #Electronics_Scams update for September

Here is a small #Electronics_Scams update for September. Take good care! As usual most are from China, but not all.

A look at a specific site @ #Electronics_Scams

Recently a site visitor ask me about and they have send him their business registration. So lets have a closer look….

He received this two scans:

The first is an annual Hong Kong business registration. They other one is the CR record, the record of incorporation.

What is interesting the the Chinese company name, 光电… and so on. Here is what is strange, they register in Hong Kong, their name is in China Chinese (simplified Chinese characters) but Hong Kong uses traditional Chinese character and their company name should start 光電…

Note the difference 电 and 電.

Not convinced that this is more Photoshop than real, then have a look at the English name and find it in the Hong Kong companies database at (search is free, no need to register)

So I did a search for companies that start with “HJM” – and I got is this:

Ok, there is HJM PHOTOELECTRICITY, that is close…. But their registration dates are very different…

Most scams are that easy to spot when you look a little bit closer.

Take Care!

My #Electronics_Scams list for July 2017

#Electronics_Scams will not stop as long as you send them money. So be careful whom you send your money.