How to verify a Chinese ICP number/号 in 2024

You may have heard about the ICP registration system in China for any website that is hosted in China. It appears at the bottom of many Chinese websites.

To follow up on the 2017 example, Huawei’s Chinese website for their Honor line of smartphones: forwards now to:, but this works too just fine.

At the very bottom, right side, you see their ICP number: 粤ICP备20047157号

Checking for their ICP number

It is a clickable link. When clicked it brings you to this Chinese government website:

To people that don’t read Chinese it looks, well, Chinese. But we do not give up so fast!

Look near the top menu, the 2nd item, and click: ICP备案查询

A closer look at

You enter the number from earlier, 粤ICP备20047157号 and hit the search button.

A closer look at

Now it gets tricky, you get a Chinese Captcha image with 5 Chinese characters in it - and below there are 4 Chinese Characters in text - you need to click the 4 in the image in the correct sequence.

A closer look at

Well, I clicked 3, because when I click the 4th the images goes away. But you see the (in this image) green character would be no. 4 and the 5th red character is not in the text below the image. So we resolved the captcha and finally get to the last image:

A closer look at

From here we see the Chinese company name, 荣耀终端有限公司, and can verify it with other data from the website.

Hope this helps some.


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