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    • They seems to get your card data and may keep it. Have a very close look on any transaction that you don’t recognize. If that happens you need to cancel the card and get a new one.

  1. I ordered an electric snow shovel from and when I tried to cancel it I could find no address or phone number or email. They only took Visa so now I have to wait until its posted and then dispute it.

    Veery annoying

  2. Has there been any success getting people’s money back after being scammed. Trying to get in touch with credit card but they are closed till morning. I feel so dumb for falling for solopopgo scam. Bought the item a few hours ago and now I see it is on your list of scams.

  3. Unfortunately, I have fallen for a scam through solopopgo and Heartcollect. Yes, that’s right, twice! I am now on hld to try and reverse the charges, or at the very least, cancel the card. Last time I will EVER buy anything through a Facebook ad.

    Bummer, that treadmill would have been just the answer for me!

  4. Sadly, I made a purchase from before I discovered it is a scam site. Their offer was good – but not so good that I was suspicious at first.

    As soon as I found out I contacted my bank and cancelled the card I had used for payment. Fortunately only two days had passed and no unauthorised transactions were on my card yet.

    My bank will also try to reverse the transaction, but are not hopeful that this will succeed. An expensive lesson for me, AUD420. I will be much more careful in future.

    This is the first time I have been scammed in this way. The facebook advertisements are very effective. Such a pity that neither facebook nor the police will do anything about it. It is as if internet scams are now OK. So sad.

    • They have now sent me a tracking number, and a URL to a tracking site. The site wants personal details before I can use it (never seen that before). Tracking number is for China, so I used the China Post official tracking website – and yes, you are right, the number does not exist.

      I have reported about a dozen of these sites to facebook, but new ones keep appearing. Someone must be sitting at a computer making new fake sites continuously.

      • Something else to watch: I tried to pay using PayPal, as it affords some buyer protection, but the PayPal link did not work – I had to pay by card.

  5. Please verify this company: Shenzhen Baisili Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Supposedly they have been around for 3 years now, Gold Suppliers, Trade Assurance, Verified Location, Verified Location, 1 diamond in transaction level(?), and various payment methods.


    • Not sure it is a scam or not. They sure write a lot of rubbish on their website. They write they are manufacturer – but they are certainly not as they have mainly brand items. It is a trading company. They have the SGS logo and an ISO-14000 logo on their website – you can ask to get a scan of both documents. I am pretty sure both are fake.
      I am not sure they are a scam, but what the write on their website is certainly dishonest.

      To give an example:

      They write:

      Original/Unlocked – are their locked notebooks? Never heard about that.
      Grade A quality – Does Apple has any other quality?

  6. Hi Sir,
    I am planning to buy laptop from from below supplier he has trade assurance and golden supplier has onsite check.

    Shenzhen baisili electronics ltd

    Is this supplier was authentic ?
    Can i but laptop from this supplier ?
    Pls let me know.

    Thanks in Advance

    • It is certainly a scam. For really good price laptops check , USA is really the cheapest, and Black Friday is coming.

    • Shenzhen Baisili Electronics Co., Ltd. ( This is a scam 100%. A year ago, I found out about their website and they had 71% of the answers, and now about 30%. I doubted to the last that they were swindlers, but then I told them that I would be in China and I wanted to come to them for a laptop. After this letter, they stopped responding to me. I appealed to Alibaba in support of screenshots of my correspondence, but they do nothing with it, they say that they do not find evidence of fraud. Do not believe in fairy tales, otherwise you will work for free for many years. Good luck!

    • I am sorry, it is a scam. A victim to send some money is always easy target to get more more money from. Do not pay! Your money is gone already and you never receive what you paid for.

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