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  1. hi I wanted to ask cuz I need a new laptop and also I have bad luck with money so can you tell me this :
    and their gaming laptops like :
    they do have trade assurance so can I trust that if they ask me to pay threw Alibaba?
    I have seen the specs in details and they gave me a lot of good sign, but I need an expert in this I bearly get money and I don’t want to lose 600$.
    thank you.

    • No way! This is a total scam! Do not use that supplier!

      Trade assurance? Don’t believe that! They will send you something, and then say you switched it.

  2. Please can you check if the company is legit and safe to do business with
    I have made agreement with the company and am to make deposit on Tuesday. He send me the company certification and the passport of one of their workers.
    Can please confirm if is a scam

  3. So I’m very frustrated with the company called: Shenzhen Baisili Electronics. The owner’s name is James Chen. I can’t pinpoint whether he is a scammer or not because he has made NO effort in trying to respond to my inquiries nor has he responded, modified, or confirmed any of my orders I’ve attempted to draft to get his attention.

    I’ve come across so many scammers where they straight up spam email me and ask for T/T, MoneyGram, etc and another person that had trade assurance but then refused to let me order through it and wanted to fulfill it himself. And of course gave me typical payment scam methods.

    James Chen on the other hasn’t done anything like this because he won’t message me back!! If he’d want to scam me he would be pressuring me to buy, right? I’m very curious about this man on whether he’s a legitimate supplier or what?

    Has anyone had experience with him or know anything?

  4. Hello. Someone send me email about their electronics and gadgets. The company address is: Building D, Hongrongfa Industrial Park, Xiangshan Road No.40, Luotian Community, Songgang town,Bao’an District, Shenzhen City, China

    Is that legit? Thank u.

    • I don’t know what they send, so I don’t know if it’s legit. If it is anything with a brand name it is most likely a scam.

    • is a Chinese card payment gateway. They are often used by fraudsters because legit card gateways will not accept anything fishy. IMHO they are a high security risk to customers, because you don’t know what they do with the collected data. But I understand that for darkweb or fraud activity they might be the only option.

    • Better not, it’s a scam. Website is less than 2 weeks old. Did you check the IP? If so you can see more scams:,,,,,,,

      Remember this: No cheap brands in China!

  5., I want to check for me. the website claim that they wants to establish a long business line but i am in doubt. Could you please check for me that is it scam or not.

  6. Good Morning

    I want to know if this company is real
    Building D, Zhang Rongfa Industrial Park, No. 40 Xiangshan Road, Luotian Community, Songgang Sub-district, Bao’an District, Shenzhen, China
    Thanks & Best Regards
    Bill Hu skype: hu.bill2

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