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  1. On January 9th, I purchased three items from the website: and paid a total of $94.87. I also paid for the “Plus Shipping” option which included tracking information with insurance. My payments were processed the same day I placed the orders.

    Unfortunately, after a couple weeks I still had not received any shipment confirmation or tracking information so I reached out to the email address on the website,, for assistance. I received responses to the first few emails I sent concerning the status of my order but was continually given the “run-around” and excuse after excuse for why it was taking so long (shipping from overseas, courier company change, warehouse issues, etc.).

    On Feb 7th (4 weeks after I placed my order) I requested that my order be cancelled and to receive a full refund. It is now one week and 3 more emails later and I’ve received NO response. I believe this site/company is a complete scam! There is another site,, that shows happy customers and great reviews about this company, their customer service and their products but I believe that site to be fraudulent too.

  2. I was looking at Cat House Cleaning Potty ($59.99 & $79.99) at I think that this product is by Footloose and actually costs around $500, not even ready for sale. Please investigate this site. Thanks.

    • Very unlikely legit. I am certain it is a scam. Laptops are usually more expensive in China. Best place to buy is USA. If possible please send a link.

  3. Hi I ordered a Motorbike Helmet from SOLEGET LONDON GBR an I have nor receiver a confirmation email since 4th December 2018 date of purchase . $169.99USD = $247.58NZD

    • It looks like you bought from a fraudulent company that either never existed and used a fake address, or closed down. The question is, how did you pay? If you used Western Union or something like that there is no chance. With credit card or Paypal there is some hope.

  4. Hi See mail
    19 Dec 2018, 07:54
    to me

    Dear friend,

    Attachment is the PI, please check.
    and advice when will you make the payment?
    Please send the bank slip after paid, then we can arrange the shipment for you asap.

    PS: When you make the transfer, if need write the payment purpose, please just write “GIFT”, then we can received the money, and when we sent the package to you, we will declare a low value and remark it ”GIFT” on shipping invoice, then will quickly through custom clearance arrived you hand early, hope you can understand, thanks.

    Best regards,
    Contact Person: Eva




    Shenzhen Jiu Long Technology Co., Ltd.

    • Certainly a scam! I see many errors:

      1. The company is called Vinayaka Agro Fertilizers India Pvt. Ltd. – MacBook is a fertilizer?
      2. It said ‘India’ in the name, address said India, but +20 country code is Egypt

      100% scam!

    • This a fake transport agent website. They are operated by some scams that use physical goods. You buy something from a scam site, here it’s . They will send you a track number that you can find on the fake transport companies website. Both scams operate together.

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