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  1. Tiszteletem, segítségüket kérném ezzel az oldallal kapcsolatban, hogy most ez tényleg átveréses oldal vagy legális, korrekt oldal? Válaszukat előre is köszönöm Tisztelettel Tóth Károly

  2. Hi could u check if this is legit address and seller.
    Add(HK): Room L1, 6F, Societe Generale Commercial Building, 30 Man Yu Street, Kowloon, Hong Kong


    Address: Building D, Hongrongfa Industrial Park, Xiangshan Road No.460, Luotian Community, Songgang town,Bao’an District, Shenzhen City, China


    ZIP code: 518000

    Whatsapp: +86 15502037985

    “Smile service passing passion.”

    • There is no 30 Man Yu St in Hong Kong, but a 30 Man Yue St, however, 30 Man Yue St is Summit Building and not Societe Generale Commercial Building. So the first address is fake.

      The 2nd address might be plausible – but when I google for the mobile number this scam comes up:

    • I feel very dubious about the two sites. Nvidia is not cheap, I presume they re-labled old hardware, or it is a scam.

  3. Is legit? Smells like a scam, quite new site so i cant find any info. Thanks in advance!

    • It’s a scam that collects credit card data. There are 100’s of similar sites that I saw already.

      The site has also no address, so you even don’t know what country the operate in.

  4. Dear all,
    We have a bad experience when we bought SIEMENS SITOP 2 Pcs, unfortunately the products can not use (damage not only 1 piece but 2 pcs).
    When we are called and email to her many times there is no response.
    When we bought she said if the warranty is 1 year.

    This is the company identity :
    Company Name: Guangzhou Xianghang Automation Co., Ltd.
    Operational Address: Floor 1, No. 112, Building 29, No. 96, Lixin 12th Road, Xintang Town, Zengcheng Dist., Guangzhou, Guangdong, China (Mainland)
    sales name : Jennifer Qiu


    • This not a real company. They have no fixed line phone numbers. Maybe an amateur that when you order buys it somewhere in China. Your product is either used, or fake.

  5. Hi!
    I just posted a review+comment on WOT about Guitar Pub, my guitar related blog.
    In a nutshell: I registered this domain (guitarpub dot it, sorry but if I write it correctly this comment is automatically recognized as spam) to use it for my guitar related blog in January 2017. I had no idea it was previously owned at the time, but I had to learn about this since I’ve had problems with its reputation in the meantime… I’d like not to throw away all the work I’ve put in my website (which is 100% nonprofit) by restarting with a new (clean) domain now that it begins to get some visits; it is a totally free, nonprofit, informative website about my passion, with lots of original content and no ulterior motive than share it with other guitar maniacs.
    I would like you to consider to write a new review to help me with this situation.
    Thank you very much.


    • Are you in NL? I believe it’s a local company and my not export. It’s hard to say if it’s legit or not, but with that product range I would be extremely careful. Check if you can pick-up.

  6. Hey,
    This company seems to push advertising e-mails to my work email, so is this a scam or what? Can’t find wrbsite, nor anything else regarding this company: Bentec Int’l Corp. Price list of their computres is not too cheap, but something bothers me here, ex. missing website..

  7. Dear NoScams, Is Postedsale ( a Scam or can I risk it to order with them?
    Their prices seem a bit unbelievable and if I read through the site some sentences don’t seem to be writen in proper english (f.i. we have strong manufacture plant).


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