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  1. Hi, I would like to know if that website its a scam or mo, they sale, refurbished iphone and samsung..

    I want to buy some for profesional resale in my country, if somebody have informations please tell me.


  2. Hello Sir.
    I was wandering about Shenzhen Xinyishun Electronic Co., Ltd.( they seem to be scammers, since much of information is mismatched and their response rate is only .9%. However it seems they communicate mostly through their skype, and their business address actually shows up correctly but if you could check on it I would appreciate it.
    I also feel like they could be affiliated with Shenzhen BaiSiLi Electronics Co., Ltd. which was mentioned before.
    Tnank you for your time and effort!

    • What I see after 1 Minute:

    • no fixed line phones, just one mobile phone
    • The ‘sales staff’ images are either taken from the net, or they work for 50 different companies
    • Ms. Christina Liu looks strangely similar to famous 小悠珊珊
    • The address (if real, probably not) looks like a single unit in one factory building
    • All looks very fake to me.

    • It’s easy to check. Insist on a personal meeting, or say that your friend will come for a purchase. I was put in a condition that the transaction amount was from $ 5,000, then they will meet with me. I specifically agreed, but they stopped responding to the letters.

      • thank you. But in my case transaction amount is only 200usd, I want to make trial order firstly. But from my experience, first trial order is always good, than you place more and with 2nd order they scam you. That’s why I want to check this supplier, bcz I’m going to place them bulk orders if trial order is ok.

    • They look reasonably OK. But I feel always strange why a China company has no Chinese website? They write ‘10 years old‘ but their website was only registered 8/2016. I might be just a small trader. It’s certainly not a manufacturer. They advertise with Walmart, Bauhaus – ask for references!

      But overall I think they are OK, unlikely to be a scam. Be careful anyway.

  3. Urgent please….
    Hello my friend
    I recived many emails and i did not know from how’s!?!
    I just asked one day before from through my account then i recived all those emails they say that there are get my email from and reply me!!

    Anyway… Could you tell me about these websites ( i gurentee they are fack 100%)
    www. jinxiang-technology. com
    http://www.hq-intertrade .com

    Why i say scam, because all website as same!
    Price list is same … Send same time …
    I am lucky that i did not send them any money… Because they need the money by Westrn Union and that the key to tell you they are thef and avoid to do that

    So, could you assist us to clear these websites?

    • Please check them first on MyWOT. Most look like old scams to me. Any one not on MyWOT post here again and I give you my feedback.

      BTW, I think they are all scams.

      • I also know that they are not MSI reseller
        But it’s strange that they sold 137 of these products and had not yet complained.

    • This is fake data. This product was not on their page a week ago. I have been in correspondence with them for a long time and could not get payment through Alibaba. The product appeared just a couple of days ago and you already wrote about it …. And yet, the success of the transaction is indicated from May to October, and the product is placed only a couple of days ago. Absurd))

  4. Andy Lee , Shenzhen Tengyatong Electronic Co., Ltd. – Здравствуйте! посмотрите пожалуйста этого поставщика?

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