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    • They look reasonably OK. But I feel always strange why a China company has no Chinese website? They write ‘10 years old‘ but their website was only registered 8/2016. I might be just a small trader. It’s certainly not a manufacturer. They advertise with Walmart, Bauhaus – ask for references!

      But overall I think they are OK, unlikely to be a scam. Be careful anyway.

  1. Urgent please….
    Hello my friend
    I recived many emails and i did not know from how’s!?!
    I just asked one day before from through my account then i recived all those emails they say that there are get my email from and reply me!!

    Anyway… Could you tell me about these websites ( i gurentee they are fack 100%)
    www. jinxiang-technology. com
    http://www.hq-intertrade .com

    Why i say scam, because all website as same!
    Price list is same … Send same time …
    I am lucky that i did not send them any money… Because they need the money by Westrn Union and that the key to tell you they are thef and avoid to do that

    So, could you assist us to clear these websites?

    • Please check them first on MyWOT. Most look like old scams to me. Any one not on MyWOT post here again and I give you my feedback.

      BTW, I think they are all scams.

      • I also know that they are not MSI reseller
        But it’s strange that they sold 137 of these products and had not yet complained.

    • This is fake data. This product was not on their page a week ago. I have been in correspondence with them for a long time and could not get payment through Alibaba. The product appeared just a couple of days ago and you already wrote about it …. And yet, the success of the transaction is indicated from May to October, and the product is placed only a couple of days ago. Absurd))

  2. Andy Lee , Shenzhen Tengyatong Electronic Co., Ltd. – Здравствуйте! посмотрите пожалуйста этого поставщика?

    • I wanted to buy a laptop for 550 dollars, which costs 4300 dollars.
      They do not confirm the deal on Alibaba, but send to the mail payment methods: T / T, or Western Union.
      In the signature of the letter a link to, which is already blocked two days ago.

    • I am not sure about it, but it is certainly better than nothing. Scammers will try all means NOT to use the Alibaba Trade Assurance. So when sellers try to avoid it it is a warning signal.

  3. Hello sir,

    i would like to ask you regarding importing smartphones and laptops from china which is very cheaper. There are many companies who are exporting these products. Is it real and could we import it?
    eg: this site.

  4. Hello! I found an interesting offer about a laptop on alibaba but the price is ridiculously low (450usd for a 5000usd laptop). The seller offers trade assurance protection and it can be bought with paypal. Looked up the company on google and nowhere did i find scamreports about them, the company normally sells chairs and furniture, on their website is also a page where they offer laptops and computer graphic cards which is a bit strange. They look legit, they did like 75 big deals and googling the company shows tons of results, still suspicious after all, ive never bought anything on alibaba and that price…
    Kind regards
    Their website:
    The alibaba offer:

    • Your link/offer are already taken down by Alibaba. I guess it was a hijacked account. From time to time you see listings like that, were a company has high priced consumer goods that are totally unrelated to their product range, just like smilefurniture and notebooks.

  5. Hello
    is this company a scam? or real?
    I can trust them?
    Thank for an answer.

    Shenzhen Nakamoto Technology Co., Ltd.

    Contact Information
    Ms. Edith H


    BaoAn Longhua Dalang
    China (Mainland)

    Company Contact Information
    Company Name: Shenzhen Nakamoto Technology Co., Ltd.
    Operational Address: 402, Floor 4, Bldg. 26, Zone 2, Huaqiao New Village, Sanhe, Dalang Street, Longhua New Dist., Shenzhen, Guangdong, China (Mainland)
    Website on

  6. Hello
    is this company a scam? or real?
    I can trust them?
    Thank for an answer.

    Shenzhen BaiSiLi Electronics Co., Ltd.

    Company Contact Information
    Company Name: Shenzhen BaiSiLi Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Operational Address: 401, No. 4, Nanhui Lane 2, Nanmendun, Longgang Area, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China (Mainland)
    Website on

  7. Hello,

    This seems to be a good website

    When clicking on EBITGEAR.COM: IN STOCK right on the home page, it takes us to:
    This site looks nice, accepts payment in bitcoins, prices seems OK, for example:

    But I am still not sure if the two websites are to be trusted, or scammers are very skillful with their websites nowadays.

    Please check, thank you.

  8. Hi
    Thanks for your work.
    I have been scammed just 10 days ago by
    Fly Sources Industrial Co, ltd. from site: Made in China.
    Made a T/T to:
    Wu Junhui
    Address: 576 Zhongzheng Rd, Zhonghe Dist, New Taipei (Taiwan)
    Acc 6214837602633269
    China Merchants Bank
    Emails from:
    Judy Wei
    Made in China, told me they have closed his account.

  9. Best Electronics Company (INC)
    Beside American Science and Technology Industrial Park , Flemington, Florida, FL 35251, United States +16319739377

    I ordered one iPhone in this address….But they no send still that… I payed money already their account… That is Maybe scam?

  10. Name: Adebayo Mubarak Lawal
    Country: Nigeria
    State: Lagos
    Address: 206B shopping Road, Ikotun
    Zip code: 23401

    This address original?… I want to payment in this address… For buying goods

  11. Barryli520 web: www. jinxiang-technology. com, Shenzhen ztx-international Co:Ltd Linda this is scammer also. Almost being scammed luckily I read some scammed report so it just helps me.

  12. Hi,

    I searched on your site under Tester, but I am not sure if these two sites are real or not:
    Whinkel BV
    V roke Barry van der Burg
    Bruges 22.
    The Netherlands
    telefon : 03-808 46 89
    WhatsApp : 06-30254002
    emajl :

    They also offer a guarantee:
    A guarantee link opens this site:

    There is another Whinkel site here, with the same address as for the above Belgian site:
    Whinkel B.V.
    Brugge 22
    2993 LB Barendrecht
    KvK-nummer: 63326051
    BTW-nummer: NL855187578B01
    IBAN: NL78RABO0303864052
    Telefoon : 010 – 30 70 994
    WhatsApp : 06 – 30 254 002
    Email :

    A guarantee link opens this site in the Netherlands:

    Thank you

  13. Any legitimate suppliers, retailers or manufactures of external hard drives that you know please send me contact. I don’t want to be scam to make a mistake.

  14. E-energy Trading Limited,HK. Is real or fake?
    Address:-B2-0551 7/F Kin on Comm Building,
    49-51 Jervois St, Sheung Wan, HK Tel:86-020-2893 2862
    Mob:86-15807588289 (whatsapp ID)

      • Recently I get lots of questions about ‘miner’ related hardware. I noticed that many webstores in China that sell theh are rather new. So I advice caution. My suggestion is to ask the same question on a miner related forum, you may get better advice there than from me. Here is such forum:

    • Hard to say, I would be very careful with that type of products from China. I had a look at btscn before and they look fishy to me. Their Hong Kong details seem all fake. They say they have a factory in China – why a trading company needs a factory? What they write does not make sense.

    • Hard to say, here is what I don’t like about it:

      • Website just only 1 year old
      • Website anonymous registered
      • No Company details, address etc. Don’t even know from what country.
      • They write safe payment, but don’t say what (I strongly doubt!)
      • Images are not their own and taken from other sites.

      I do not have a good feeling here.

      BTW, website is the same as this one: and this

        • Recently I get lots of questions about ‘miner’ related hardware. I noticed that many webstores in China that sell theh are rather new. So I advice caution. My suggestion is to ask the same question on a miner related forum, you may get better advice there than from me. Here is such forum:

    • A bit strange. They are around a few years, but they write that they will attend then 2016 Korea Electronics Show ( KES) and their booth number is K3006C-3.

      However, I can’t find neither that booth nor their name in the 2016 KES website.

      What they claim is their factory building is also used by several other companies. It doesn’t look good.

  15. hi Noscams,

    Some of this website want to be payed by T/T transfer bank and western union, I don’t know why they refuse via alibaba method.
    Which one this site is scam?
    Thanks in advance.

  16. – I feel uneasy. Why they don’t have a Chinese language website? The lady in the image on their home page doesn’t look Chinese to me. The image seem to be stolen from Shutterstock images. – They have a SGS report here: – the report no. NMT153917TJ can not be found on the SGS website. Try yourself here:

    So I presume they falsified the SGS report and can’t be trusted.

  17. Hello to you !
    I want you to check out this company:
    TianLong electronic Co Ltd,..
    Room 302,floor 14
    elegant garde building,
    No:196 east Camphor road,
    Yuhua District,Hunan Province
    Authenticated and Verified,

          • ATTENTION IS a scam, Barry Li does not exist, my agent in China has passed me a full report on the profile of this company the registration code belongs to another company called and not to the company jinxiang -technology CO Ltd, I do not advise you to buy anything or with all the false certificates they have, My Chinese Purchasing Agent made a detailed report about this company jinxiang-technology and the result was non-existent

  18. Hello sir,
    U are Awesome and works like messenger of god (for us) and only u can help in this matter.
    Please check this one
    Early response is appreciating.

    Wish you a nice day,
    ( from Shenzhen Uhappy Technology Company Limited, hope we can start business with each other. We major in exporting for Mobile phone,Tablet,Laptop,USB,memory card,Camera,CPU,Lcd monitor,TV,Mini speaker, Hard disk, etc.
    Please link our company web site:, if you want to know more about our product .
    My Mob/Whatsapp/Wechat: +8613247374894
    Current Promotion:
    order reach $248 , enjoy free shipping by DHL/EMS.
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    order reach $1988,enjoy free shipping +20% discount+ 2pcs Apple Iphone 7+2 pcs Apple Ipad prod as free gifts.
    More order ,mor discount and more free gifts
    If you are interesting please check below some of our products prie:

  19. microsource

    Bohua Tech Ipari Park Shangwei Area Zhangkeng Jing .Guanlan Street, Baoan District, a Shenzhen, Guangdong, Kína.

    I want to know about this website please. Is it real or scam

  20. Hi,
    Can you please check these supliers

    1. Suzhou Zhanggui Xiansheng Software Co., Ltd

    2. A and J Integrated Card Limited
    Address: Jalan Usahawan U1 / 8,
    City: Puchong Selangor
    State: Kuala Lumpur
    Country: Malaysia
    ZIP Code: 47100

  21. I’m a scambaiter and fake phone/electronics site killer. I’d like to thank you for compiling these lists; you’ve just given me some new targets.

    Keep up the good work!

  22. Please check this company. Could it be scammers?
    In response to the request of the site, he wrote to me: “Regarding our website, we are sorry to inform you that we are on the process of upgrading our website for better services.
    Our company is more than 4 yrs now in the Industry. We serve customers worldwide. we can give you our loyal customers contacts from different counties and you can ask about us.If that will make you feel comfortable with us”
    Thai Kheang Ltd.
    Address 36 Raj – Uthit 200 Pee Road,
    Patong Sub District, Kathu District
    Phuket 83150 THailan
    Whataapp ID: +639976417886

  23. Please check this company. Could it be scammers?Company:SANGWOO TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD
    Address:19B Block C Huaqiang Plaza, North Huaqiang Road, Futian District
    Zip/Postal Code:518033
    Phone Number: (86 755) 82555582
    Fax Number: (86 755) 82567369
    Mobile: (86) 15989893838
    Homepage Address:
    Other Homepage Address:
    Thank you, Vyacheslav.

    • I can’t see anything dangerous here. Website is registered since 2011.

      But I wonder why buy RAM in China? I don’t think it’s cheaper there and quality can be dubious.

  24. I ask you to check
    Company Name: Shenzhen DY Circuit Electronic Co., Ltd.
    Operational Address: B2810, Yujinggongguan, Zhongkang Road, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China (Mainland)
    Website on
    Can it be scammers?

  25. Hello,

    I am looking to buy a video card for my computer. I recently saw one on Alibaba. Surprisingly, the company is Sanxin Rubber Co. Ltd. We’ve traded a few e-mails, but the company name in the e-mail is Viseon Inc. I’m not sure how they’d be related.
    They only accept payments via ‘Money Gram, Ria and Western union money Transfer. (Bitcoin is also acceptable)’.

    Here is their site:


      • Thanks for checking. The card doesn’t show up on their Alibaba page anymore. The fact that they didn’t want to take payment through Alibaba was also odd. Better safe than sorry.

  26. Hello wanting to buy electronic products from Teluda electronics company also known as Jiashan Teluda electronics company is this company okay to purchase from thankyou

    • looks reasonably OK to me. However, I wonder why their factory image is fake. The use:

      The plants in front of the company name are photoshopped. The image was borrowed here: using this image:

      So it’s certainly not an honest company.

      Do this: ask them to step out and send a picture of their company building right now, with a piece of paper inside showing todays date.

  27. Hello NoScams,

    Can you tell me following website is real or scams?
    Shenzhen jinxiang-technology Co., Ltd.
    Verification Type: third-party verification service provider
    Business license:
    Registration No.:440301106902774
    Date of Issue:2007-09-12
    Date of Expiry:2017-09-12
    Registered Capital:RMB 100,000
    Operational Address: 3th Floor, Plant B, East Industrial Area, Xuexiang, Bantian Street, Longgang Dist., Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
    Applicant Information:sale sale manager: barry li skype:barryli520
    Address:3th Floor, Plant B, East Industrial Area, Xuexiang, Bantian Street, Longgang Dist., Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

    please check
    Add(HK): Room L1, 6F, Societe Generale Commercial Building, 30 Man Yu Street, Kowloon, Hong Kong

    Address: Building D, Hongrongfa Industrial Park, Xiangshan Road No.460, Luotian Community, Songgang town,Bao’an District, Shenzhen City, China
    ZIP code: 518000
    Belle Lyn: +86 15502037985

    • Please always double check that the URL is actually working, your’s is not.

      But is a scam.

      On the same IP you find more scams by the same gang:,,,,,,,,,,

  29. is this site good or not about to make a big order for $35,000 in computer items want to make sure that i am not abut to loss my money thanks god bless due let me know asap

  30. Good afternoon:
    I want to know if this company is real ;:

    Company name: Shenzhen Vinda-cn Co., Limited
    Shenzhen office: Room 816, Dynamic World Building, Zhonghang Road
                                   Futian District
    Factory address: 8th floor, A building, liuxian one road,
                                   Gao Xinqi science and technology industrial park,
                                   Baoan 67 District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China 518000
    Sales manager: Alyssia Chia
    Company e-mail:
    Gmail and hotmail: damaigogofa866 @ / Coming-cn @
    Contact number: 0086–13246797039


  31. This website is very useful. Makes me check out every site that looked to good. i have seen some bad reviews on this one and didn’t get any results when i searched for it on this site. this one a scam?
    Shenzhen Blong Electronic Co., Ltd.
    CEO/General Manager: Mr. Mark Wong
    Tel: 0086-13246782120(whatsapp) Skype ID : blong.mark
    Registration No.: 440301103412768
    Add: Floor 2, Block 2, Phase 2, Yungu Innovation Industrial Park, South Mountain, Nanshan Dist. Shenzhen, Guangdong, China (Mainland)

  32. hai may i know wether this company scam or not
    i found this supplier from

    company name: Shenzhen Gofuture Tec Limited

    • I mainly look at electronics scams, looking at that one, it has zero company details. No real location. Might be a scam to get your credit card number.

  33. I have been contacted and bought an e-skateboard from:
    After sending the money through western union, says the shipment is 100 usd more expensive than originally told me and wants 100 more. By now Im pretty sure its a scam but just to verify…
    Is it a scam?

  34. I would like to check if this is scam or not, too cheap to be true…
    Business license:
    Registration No.:
    Date of Issue:
    Date of Expiry:
    Registered Capital:
    RMB 100,000
    View more
    Operational Address: 3th Floor, Plant B, East Industrial Area, Xuexiang, Bantian Street, Longgang Dist., Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
    Applicant Information:sale sale manager: barry li skype:barryli520

    • It’s a scam.

      BTW, did you verify the business license?

      Of course you didn’t. It’s totally pointless to give you papers you can’t verify yourself.

      And while the company registered in 2007 – why the website registered only in 2016? They needed 9 years for the website?

    • Thank for posting this new scam! Yes, it is a scam! BTW, more scams on the same IP:,,,

    • If you would have checked MyWOT you could see that most are known scams:

      Your list

      But not all, I remove all reds, remaining are: seems is a bad URL and was double, so the rest is:

      But not all, I remove all reds, remaining are:

      …and they are all scams…

  35. I found this website “” for electronics but I’m not sure is safe because they way to order and they payments method is questionable.

  36. Good day! Please see this website, what can I say? I’m ready to buy a copy of the smartphones. Only 100% confident provider. This man sent even we are 8 years Gold supplier,We do not for a single business to damage our previously established a good reputation, that is how much money can not buy

    here is Export License Number: 330306105781506

  37. Olá, verifiquei na revista mensal Globa Sources e enviei um email a um fornecedor sobre fone de ouvidos sem fio, e ao verificar meus emails constatei que havia alguns vendedores ofertando vários produtos baratos, esses são os sites que olhei e suspeitei que são falsos:
    Dê uma olhada e me diz o que são eles?

  38. Can you find out about this seller on alibaba please?

    He is selling he iPhone 7 at $450

  39. I also just got taken by kdgms for $130.00. My bad, but live and learn. Wish I would have known about your site beforehand. I do buy cheap things from, even a very nice cellphone. WISH has been very reliable as long as you CAREFULLY read the product descriptions. As they say, you get what you pay for.

    • I guess most people that get scammed were looking for brand items, such as iPhones, or other well known brands. Product descriptions can be very accurate (they are usually just copied). It’s important to look at who offers them, website age, and does it makes sense what they write. Scams rarely make sense.

  40. Hi i got approched by with offer of electronic products i am very intrested but not sure if they are real or not
    Guangzhou LEB Mobile Co.,Ltd
    SKYPE: live:lebmobile
    ADD: No. 505, Tangxiachong East Road, Tianhe Dist., Guangzhou, Guangdong, China (Mainland)

    • looks very suspicious to me. Website got registered 2005 , most scams are just a few weeks old. So this one is different. But they have many Apple products – they are not cheaper in China! If they offer them cheaper – it’s a strong scam sign!

      With googles help I found this:

      Ivy was the persons name, ?? they sent by email great electronic prices. I questionsed with concerns of lagitimacy. They sent license and web address. the web site looks lagit. they will not take paypal only a bank transfer. Sent the original wire transfer for the price pf the phones. they sent DHL tracking numbers. they were not found on DHL after several days. Then they contacted me that an additional customs fee was required. I sent that. Another 45%. Still no tracking available on DHL. Now the email corrispondance goes unanswered. Ripoff


      It’s a scam!

  41. Weeks ago we were talking via whatsapp with a person from Shenzhen YLW Technology Co., Ltd called Zora.

    We were talking about ordering 2k pcs of power banks. They offered us a better price than other manufactures from china. We ordered some samples and we received correctly. The payment was sent via Western Union.

    They offered us the posibility of paying via TT (Telematic transfer) for the big order. Now we talked again via whatsapp to confirm the order and pay the 30%. When we send the message it is not received. When we reply via email they dont answer.

    We have not pay yet, now we are worried about scams. I have seen that you have marked them as scamers. What do u think about them?

    Info they have shared with us vía whatsapp, email:

    Business Integrated Account Name: SHENZHEN YLW TECHNOLOGY LIMITED

    Business Integrated Account Number: 827-669478-836
    Beneficiary Bank Name: HSBC Hong Kong
    Beneficiary Bank Address: 1 Queen’s Road Central,Hong Kong
    Beneficiary Bank Code: 004 (for local payment)
    SWIFT Address: HSBCHKHHHKH (for telegraphic transfers)

    First Name: SHUGUANG
    Last Name: HUANG
    Address : International finance building,2022 Jianshe road. Luohudistrict, Shenzhen,China

    • To me looks highly suspicious. Too many brand items (they can’t be cheap in China), fake security seals (VeriSign, McAfee, BBB), they write they started business in 2007 – but the website is only 2 month old (Created on 2016-10-17). Not sure about power banks, they either scam or simply go to a store and buy them. Very, very risky. The Hong Kong bank account adds no security at all.

      PS: none of their Facebook, Twitter, G+ etc. links works.

      And the factory images got stolen here:

    • is certainly a scam. Not sure it’s from China, but still it’s a scam. Did you noticed the phone number? 0123456789

      Their address is in Turkey, but that is most likely fake too. By the way, Turkey has the worlds 2nd most expensive iPhones, so how come they can offer them so cheap? Have a look at iPhone prices around the workd here:

  42. Hi. I saw this website. Some prices seem a little to good to be true and by to good to be true. I mean they have a so called promotion on Samsung 65″ LED 4k uhd 3d TV for $320 plus shipping cost. Can you check the website. > Or also this name Guangzhou ODI Electronics Limited Company

    • Thank you for asking about this, Chuck, and for your response, NoScams. I posted an RFQ on Alibaba for unrelated products and got an email from them. Since I was expecting to hear from Chinese exporters I was initially not surprised until I realized they did NOT offer the goods I had posted the RFQ for.
      The prices offered seemed too low, so I knew they had to be either a 100% scam or possibly selling counterfeits (I don’t know if there’s such a thing as a fake iPad but maybe it’s possible). But I couldn’t resist checking around if anyone else had run into this. I hope this will save people some money. Thank you again for this site!

      • Question is, how you define fake iPad. They can have a lookalike, but it’s pretty impossible to have them run iOS.

        When you do a RFQ on Alibaba most (sometimes all) replies are either SPAM or not qualified. Nowadays in China factories often have no own sales. They have brigade of people that act like sales, with no actual product knowledge.

        For brand items (Apple, Samsung, Asus etc) you simply can’t buy them cheap in China. They are more expensive there. Any offer from China is a scam.

    • It is certainly a scam. It is a bit unusual to see such scam on HKTDC, which is a government run trade association. I presume they register as a legit company and then switched products.

      • Thanks for the response. I hesitated because the prices are high for a scam and they have a third part certification. Are you sure 100% about them?

        • It’s simply not possible for a Chinese company to have cheap iPhones, plus all the other brand items. I saw the certificates, it said ‘verified by SGS‘ – SGS has a online databank with their certifications. Try to search them there, or contact SGS directly. For me there is zero doubt that this a scam!

  43. Hey I already got scammed once so I want to know about this guy named ken xiao here are his info: Shenzhen Big Friendly Electronics Co., Ltd
    Add:No.20 Jiangjunmao Industrial Zone,Wulian,Longgang District ,Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
    Skype ID :Ken-szforiya
    TEL: 0086-13632503433

    • This is a scam. Any company in China with cheap iPhones for export is a scam. In case somebody ask how c an this be scam as the website was registered 2013-10-23 . There can be a few reasons, website was not active for long time since scammer will register a lot of domains, they took a domain before it expired. Or simply nobody complained yet.

  44. Bought a Samsung note 5, they emailed a fake tracking number. I paid via wire transfer but the bank in China said the process almost 2 years to get my money back or not at all. PLEASE WARN THE WORLD. Any Chinese website offering the latest Samsung or iPhone – Red Alert Stay Away! Be Warned

    • Thanks for writing, this website is about warning others. There are no cheap brand products in China. It’s impossible. Prices in China for brands are usually higher then other places. I am afraid but you will not get your money back. Money paid by wire transfer (or Western Union) can not be reversed. I hope other will read your story twice.

  45. Hello sir,

    i would like to ask you regarding importing smartphones and laptops from china which is very cheaper. There are many companies who are exporting these products. Is it real and could we import it?

    • There are some good companies in China that export phones – and many scammers. Companies that are offering iPhone or other top brand phones are usually scammers. For Chinese brands, such has Meizu, Xiaomi, ZTE etc. I suggest to stick with the well known China brands – they are very good! But keep in mind they often use China-ROM. They can switch to English, but usually they have no Google services such as Playstore, Youtube and so on.

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