– an update

In December 2016 I wrote a blog post about

They are still active on Facebook and their own website.

I had a look again, they have a new frontpage picture showing a cool phone store:

Nice store? Yes, certainly. Problem is, it’s not their store. It’s an Apple Store in Bangkok and the image is from Shutterstock:

So much to honesty.

I received also quite a lot of messages how good they are and that everything is fine. Problem is, I don’t believe them. I believe the many bad reports more: fully scam ($6000 lost)

I lost $5,000 with they are a SCAM!

My opinion didn’t change a bit. I believe it’s a scam.

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  1. Hi,

    I have done business with this company … this company is based in United States,

    I was looking for MacBook and later I saw a advertise of awstores .. I saw their website the prices are unbelievable I was so nervous .. I tried with one piece… they don’t accept PayPal so I had to pay them by Bank Transfer … so I transferred the money by Cash at my Chase bank.. they have account in Bank of America..

    they received the cash instantly and told me to wait 24 hours.. they emailed me with tracking information of USPS … I received the product. And it was sealed and original .. now they’re rushing me to buy 500 pieces .. using bank transfer I told them I will buy 500 pieces after this deal.. I’m still concerned about this…

    • I have always doubts reading positive stories about awstore, they have too many shills out there. So should I trust somebody with a bad spelled gmail address? I don’t think so. My warning stays.

  2. Hi, I’m ILYDIA I’m from Indonesia, I’m working in United States I was searching for a good smartphone wholesaler in the states, I saw an advertisement in the Facebook,
    the COMPANY ( was offering iPhone X x3 (Brand New, Unlocked, Sealed) U.S MODELS – x3 Pieces at $2460.00 64GB – I bought 8 Pieces of iPhone X at 0.50 BTC – I saw many reviews about them and when I asked them about this all their response was :

    Somehow I believe them, and transferred them the Bitcoin to their wallet (PROOF) :

    I was afraid, thought they would scam me, but they emailed me the tracking information as promised, same day – I tracked my package and it was scheduled for delivery on **21 DEC 2017, I received the package and I was very happy! I’m planning to buy more in the future, I’m going to open a shop in my home country – INDONESIA and make good money out of it. Thank you (

  3. Sir , I stay in India. I wanted to buy a iPhone and was searching it in Alibaba, later I got a email from a guy named hamza sent me the price and I sent 150$ to an indian bank account number which he provided . Later after I sent the money he sent me tracking I’d- IN45756938 brightviewexpress.Com website to track my shipment. Later there company moq was 5 units and he had already shipped the mobiles , and is demanding 300 more dollars to release the products which is at hold in Kabul as per tracking report. Now I have a doubt that are they scamming me? I told to show him show proof, he sent his passport copy.
    And he says his office is in
    KVK Tech Servis
    8 Esenyurt, Muhsin Yazicioglu Cad
    34522 Istanbul Turkey
    Please help to identify whether he is scam or not because I have already sent him 300$.

  4. Received my iPhone 6S LOT today! I don’t know they’re scammers or whatever they’re I don’t care , I paid them by CARD.. if something goes wrong I would open DISPUTE but they delivered my items.

  5. I have received my refund back finally! I’m sure I will never do business with them as a apology they have shipped me one iPhone 7 32GB for free

  6. They are keeping my 10000$ for more than 3 months, and given me every week new excuses not for paying me.
    This destroy my all company and personal finance,
    This website is a real SCAM, never order there
    Contact me for proof of all ours messages
    I am attacking them with my layer and will not give up until they give me my money

    • I made an order in the AW Store, they promised me to send my order and so far nothing, they are asking for more money to release my purchase …
      Someone got the money back

  7. This operation is a total SCAM and this is why:

    -A person calling himself, Jesus Bortorni, claims to be the owner.

    -There is no profile for Jesus Bortorni anywhere.

    -The telephone number given on facebook is +1 217-487-9896, this is number in Illinois but they never pick up any calls anyway.

    -They give their address as PAYNE TAVON, PRIMARY TRADING GLOBAL, 2905 FENDALL RD, BALTOMORE, MD, 21207

    -On Facebook, they call themselves “Apple iPhone Wholesale”.

    -They are not a registered Apple Reseller.

    -They will not issue an invoice until they receive payment!

    -They will not given an address for inspection of the goods, believe me, I have tried and tried to get this.

    -The Banners on their website are all misleading, they are not connected to any of these organisations.

    -They want payment by way of a bank transfer to:

    A/C NUMBER: 50200003816401
    Bank: HDFC BANK
    IFSC Code: HDFC0002000

    -The photo of their website is not theirs.

    -The images they send to customers are all the same and they are from India.

    -I have reported these people to Facebook but they will not take action against scammers!

    -Please report this page:

    If all of this is not enough to put doubt in your mind, then it must be me!!!

    • You post some new information here. Thank you for that. I wonder, why they use a bank in India? That is India in Asia and not Indiana in the USA. To call them fishy is very mild.

    • Hi, Simon I have transferred the money to the bank account of U.S I don’t understand why they gave you Indian bank account? I have received my products from them, I can show proof of my products, email :, you’re i think, as they operate from U.S from where my package arrived! I know and they’re having war of giving fake reviews about each other to gain trust of the customers. I don’t know about others but I’m happy I have received my products. Good luck for others.

      • I’m from India I want to purchase 100 Units of iPhone 7 I have the cash ready after reading reviews I’m scared to loose my money, AWS has shown me 100 phones live on the Whatsapp and each phone has correct imei number phones are usa version AWS said me i can have hand to hand deal with them in U.S I have a relative of mine in California I will not give them cash without inspection of the products.

  8. I like what you guys are up too. Such clever work and reporting! Keep up the superb works guys I have incorporated you guys to my blogroll. I think it’ll improve the value of my website 🙂

  9. Please read this before judging us

    1* ~ Well we don’t say we have any actual store
    2* ~ There might be few negative reviews about us but trust me we’re not involved. Nobody have proof of they sent the money to us people just say they don’t receive their products.
    3* There is youtube video saying we’re scammer & showing proof but we have proof of the person we have refunded that KID, He is requesting 5000 INR in Indian money to delete the that review | if you want proof please email (
    4* We show live video of the stock in WhatsApp (+1 217 487 9896) for proof (Because we have real phones)
    5* There is scammers using our name of business we have already reported search Apple iPhone Wholesaler’s in Instagram which is our official account but there is also awstoresofficial using our photos & scamming people we’re loosing too much of our clients because of them, getting negative reviews because of them
    6* We will soon accepting delivery on doorstep & cash on doorstep…
    7* Nobody accept credit card as a payment because of charge back & Disputes but we do
    8* I lost $5,000 with they are a SCAM! this review has been uploaded by which belongs to Nigerian scam.. in this review they have said buy the products from don’t buy from awstore lol who does it? that review is uploaded by owner of the page we’re damm sure

    Thank you
    AWStore Team

    • I post your reply without any editing.

      I am still skeptical. But I am also aware that not all negative reports you read on the web must be true.

      This said, there are still lots of discrepancies. Example, you advertise VeriSign SSL, but in reality use free Let’s Encrypt SSL. You advertise BBB – but no link to BBB. And btw, get what on Google.Play?

      I would certainly not buy there. No way!

    • It’s Scam Guys.. Awstores is scam, Believe me, I lost my 3.6 Lakh INR, If You still don’t believe me, I’ll show off you every proofs you need, I’ve even the reciepts with me. I’ll send to anyone who needs it.. You can WhatsApp Me @ +919061663675

      It’s been 2 Months From the day I paid him, and now he’s not responding me even,

      If he is to ship me someday, for sure I’ll change this review but until then I won’t change it.

      Call/Text Me @ +919061663675 – AlThameem. Purely is SCAM…
      Share this as much as possible.

      Could you post your registered business address here.

      Also, as you advertise BBB, please post your BBB landing page. Your website is not in the BBB database.

    • I paid 900$ for iphone 5s.. after i paid they then happened to mention that 5s is no longer in produxtion which is bullshit.. i have proof of payment to an sbi bank in india to a person named danish durrani
      Then he says pay 200 more for iphone 6 or 400 more for iphone 7 which is laughable at that point i knew this was scam but anyways now they not giving my 900 back and im sure they aint but.. live and learn hey..

    • I did not buy
      I made a purchase with Aw Store Co. Limited …
      I’m Brazilian and I made a purchase with Aw store co limited +1 217 487-9896.
      12 pieces of iphone 7 32 GB = 3,950 dollars and 12 pieces of iphone 5s 64 GB = 1,200 dollars. Total $ 5,150 …
      I did not receive my product and the seller is asking for more 5k to release my purchase …
      I bought 5k and for my purchase to be sent I need to pay 10k
      They do not answer me
      Help me
      Some information on how I can be reimbursed
      +55 84 99605-4401

  10. Hi,

    I’m owner of My Digital Oasis, I think they’re real as I have received my gold plated cover.. After reading your reviews I’m bit hesitate to do business with them as they have sent me their address for schedule a meeting! after meeting I will write a comment here about what they really are! They have sent me 200 Phones imei number and shown me each box in WhatsApp Video call I don’t know if they’re real or not or they have phones but don’t want to send phones? Anyway I will write a comment after having a second deal with them.


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