I usually look at electronics scams, but lets have a look at online counterfeits…

At any give time there are probably 100,000 counterfeit websites on the web. They are usually new, just a few weeks old, and very often have domain names that do not match their product. They are often expired domains, or domains that are created randomly. This can not just be .COM domains, there are a large range of TLDs that are used, NL, DE, PT, PL, NO, SE, DK, CZ, IT, FR and many more. They are run by criminal gangs that have huge blocks of IP addresses at their disposal.

You probably don’t mind to get a pair of Nike (or whatever brand) from them for a fraction of the normal retail price. In theory I could agree (when I switch off my morals and love for quality) but the problem is – you deal with people that are not honest to begin with. They are criminal gangs. They don’t aim at your satisfaction, they aim at your money only.

Be prepared for ….

  1. You don’t get anything, your money is simply being stolen
  2. Your credit card details get sold to others
  3. The quality of the product is very different from the images (images are often from the real brand websites)
  4. You get wrong color, or wrong size
  5. Your delivery might get confiscated in customs Very few people get what they paid for. My advise is not to feed money to criminal gangs and expose yourself to risks.

Here is a typical story from the web:

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