– let’s have a detailed look at this scam!

Very often I get asked How do you know it is a scam? Usually I can tell within the first 3 Seconds. Today Moty asked me how about ?

Let’s start with having a look how old the website is, for that I use the HE Net WHOIS:

It said: Creation Date: 2018-03-14 – the website is as of today just 2 month old. Even though on their website they write: EEON become the leading US wholesaler and distributor of the Apple iPhone since 2007.

The WHOIS registration name they use is Registrant Name: PERFECT PRIVACY, LLC. In my opinion a company that wants my (or your) money should need to have a real address, and not use an anonymization service.

From their DNS I see they use Name Server: – means they host their scam on – a legit business host where you can host your website for/from US$5.00/month.

So far it doesn’t look confidence building. But let’s have a look at the website.

First, let’s go back to EEON become the leading US wholesaler and distributor of the Apple iPhone since 2007. But their address: is:

EEON INC – 95 Hàng Chiếu, Đồng Xuân, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội, Vietnam

How likely is it that a Vietnamese company can be the leading US wholesaler and distributor for iPhones? Correct, zero. Additionally, Apple has no wholesalers. All iPhone distribution is done by Apple directly. Whenever you see Apple iPhone wholesaler – it’s highly likely a scam.

They have a very nice (WOW) conference room I have to admit. You can create it too, here: – yes, Photoshop helps, look here:

At this point it makes not much sense to look further, so I just add this little points:

On the bottom you see the BBB logo – but it’s not linked to the BBB website. They are unlikely to be BBB credited. That the VerySign certificate also doesn’t exist might be no surprise.

My conclusion: 100% scam!

It might be the same scammers that where doing Awstore/Awstores (not working anymore)

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