Facebook scam ads – featured today: saveeeee.myshopify.com

Face did not seem to have learned anything from huge amount of scam ads they post.

I wrote about Facebooks scams first in December 2018 , at that time I made a small list of about 400 Facebook Sponsored Ad Scams. There where plenty more scams ads, just look at Facebook tagged posts.

So just add one more! Because Christmas is coming and it’s the time people do toy shopping for their beloved kids. This helicopter is certainly cool, but the Hughes 300C RC Helicopter is around $1000 – not $89.90 – see:

The saveeeee.myshopify.com scam!
This time it’s saveeeee.myshopify.com
https://saveeeee.myshopify.com scam ad on Facebook
https://saveeeee.myshopify.com scam ad on Facebook

saveeeee.myshopify.com is the scam URL and here is the link to the scam products.

$89.99 (of cause free shipping tax included) seems a bit of a way too good to be true price, specially when you compare to Amazon, AliExpress or Banggood – is it usually around US$1000

They seem to be unclear about their name too, https://saveeeee.myshopify.com is the buy link, on the page you see still written https://jgboy.com , the Favebook ID is Missxi.mxy, and that page has a store link to missxis.com – all scams!

Before you buy from Facebook, do your research! Better buy from a source that is around for long.

4 thoughts on “Facebook scam ads – featured today: saveeeee.myshopify.com”

  1. So if you order from them using Paypal and you never receive the item, they keep your $$$$$. Do you have a recourse action to get your money back?

    • You will need to actively do the Paypal refund procedure. That should give you some safety. Their idea is probably that many don’t do that, or forget about it. They will grab the money from the bank and run. Most likely they are in China and the law does not really work there.


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