Facebook: The foldable phone scam! – UPDATED – comforly.co is down!

Here is a new Facebook scam ad:

A foldable phone! They offer it for $80.00 – free shipping, only today.

Sadly, it will never ship. The video is stolen from Huawei Mate X, which is not on the market yet. And when it comes it will be well over $2000


Facebook foldable phone ad - scam!
Facebook foldable phone ad – scam!

Link to Huawei product page – Mate X

Link to details from GSMArena (note the EUR 2300 estimated price)


They had many positive feedback on their Facebook scam ad, like “Just received it, love it!” and similar. They must have a few 100 fake or hijacked Facebook IDs. I guess they manage to collect enough loot and their website is down now.

12 thoughts on “Facebook: The foldable phone scam! – UPDATED – comforly.co is down!”

  1. Ternyata banyak orang tertipu bahkan di beberapa negara termasuk saya dari indonesia pesan telepon foldable phone tgl.26-07-2019 sampai sekarang barang belum tiba uang sudah terpotong lewat kartu credit saya sebesar 1.161.915 nama situsnya trendio llc http://www.comforly.us 80.00 (USD1=IDR14523.93) sy ingin uang saya kembali tolong di saya harus konfirmasi

  2. It’s time to get bandids…who always find a way to make a fool of honest people. Any way… FB has allowed the criminal scam because they have paid a lot of money to sell it on FB. So fb is in cooperation or theyr filter system does not work. That’s scandalous for something big like fb involved with billions of dollars and people. For me 80 dollars is a big amount of money I want a refund.

  3. The company name whom fund goes is Trendio LLC , and when i pasted that in google , sounds like some where in india. Obviously my japanese credit card company will find those thugs.

    • I do not believe it has anything to do with India. From my research from other facebook ad scams they usually sit in China, shopping system is always by Shopify, and payment gateway is usually by Shopify too. I suggest you file a dispute with your bank ASAP. This gang must have had already a few 100 similar scams.

  4. SCAMS they took my money and now the website is not working and please facebook do something to stop this idiots who scam us,please report to US authority so the can get arrested

    • I fully agree with you. Worst is, if you report the scam, the Facebook reply is usually that the ad does not violate their TOS. I start to believe that reporting scams to Facebook is a total waste of time.


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