Facebook: Foldable phone scam! UPDATE - comforly.co down!

Here is a new Facebook scam ad:

A foldable phone! They offer it for $80.00 – free shipping, only today.

Sadly, it will never ship. The video is stolen from Huawei Mate X, which is not on the market yet. And when it comes it will be well over $2000

https://comforly.co [Website is down]

Facebook foldable phone ad – scam!

Link to Huawei Mate X Wiki

Link to details from GSMArena (note the EUR 2300 estimated price)


They had many positive feedback on their Facebook scam ad, like “Just received it, love it!” and similar. They must have a few 100 fake or hijacked Facebook IDs. I guess they manage to collect enough loot and their website is down now.


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