Momo-Lucky – see what happens…

I received some images from a scammed Momo-Lucky customer in the USA.

What was odered – an electric snow shovel:

Shovel Ordered From Momo-Lucky
Shovel Ordered From Momo-Lucky

The package that arrived:

Momo-Lucky tracking to the USA
Momo-Lucky tracking to the USA

(I presume that the senders address and the phone number are fake. The address in Chinese characters is: 酒仙桥东路10号,一号楼,155号房间, 朝阳区, 北京市 )

And what was inside the package:

Received from Momo-Lucky
Received from Momo-Lucky

Yes, it’s an ice scraper – for US$79.90

There are also reports here that the same ice scraper was received from – – – and most likely more.

Have you been scammed? Here is what you can do:

  • Contact your bank
  • Dispute the fraudulent transaction
  • It may help to talk to the disputes department
  • Many here have been successful getting their money back.

    57 thoughts on “Momo-Lucky – see what happens…”

    1. I got nothing also, Unfortunatly We (Canada) were having a postal strike shortly after I ordered so I had no idea something could be wrong, No idea what to do now?

    2. Another victim here after ordering 2 as Christmas gifts Nov. 11, 2018. Also received 2 of the small ice/snow scrapers. My credit card company resolved this matter very quickly and removed the charge from my account.

    3. Just got off the phone with the bank, apparently the banks have a 60 day window to dispute the purchase, i am on day 64……

    4. Thank you for all your comments…I too got the scrapper…Sucks!!!!! Well I guess i can start the try and get my money back now…….

    5. got me for 169.90 on gas powered tracked .00 sent a 25 cent toy steam roller bank may refund for me but they also got me on 3d printer 59.99 bank may refund also but just found out 169.00 touch screen coffee table is a scam also go by soleget web copy of momomonkey just name and colors diff

    6. Maybe we should all start a class action suit against Facebook for allowing these unsolicited fraudulent ads to be posted on our pages. I had the same problem. But I got my money back. It took a little work. but my bottom line is we don’t ask FB to give us the ads, and I don’t know anywhere that it says we agree to these ads in our feeds. Sure, we know we get ads on the side bar, but……

      • Happened to me but haven’t got my money back. I am all for a class action law suit against FaceBook for allowing this to happen…. I have asked for a reply from FB several times and I am apparently being ignored.

    7. Got the same ice scraper in the mail. Since it had another company name on it, I didn’t realize it was from same company. Guess I’ll need to check out the companies better prior to ordering anything online. Just contacted my bank.

    8. Hi from Italy! I (unfortunately) ordered a folding treadmill from Momo-Lucky. I added 5 euro for fast delivery, which never happened. I requested and obtained a reimbursement from Visa. After about 2 months I received a new mail from Momo Lucky stating that the order was shipped. I checked the tracking and indeed it showed the order was delivered by the Italian postal service about 20 days ago!! I finally remembered that I received an unsolicited pair of earbuds (they are worth 3 euro on amazon). the “vendor” is indeed trying to justify its scam sale! I have informed Visa and I hope the will not charge once again the amount they reimbursed.

    9. I got the same ice scraper,after reading everyone’s comments on this company (, now I have to contact my credit card company and hope they can help me get my money back.

    10. “酒仙桥东路10号,一号楼,155号房间, 朝阳区, 北京市”
      “No. 10, estrada do leste de Jiuxianqiao, construindo 1, sala 155, distrito de Chaoyang, Beijing” (from google translator)

      2ufuture, freehue, greatfixo..
      these are other similar sites that scam people with the same scams. I do not understand how these sites still connected, after so many complaints! Dont exist an controlling entity or internet police to completely shut down these fake websites and punish the people behind these scams?

    11. I too got the scraper, I was still hoping the shovel was coming! Will contact my Credit Card Company now that I read this. I have sent them several emails to no avail. 😩

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