Momo-Lucky - see what happens..

I received some images from a scammed Momo-Lucky customer in the USA.

What was odered – an electric snow shovel:

[![Shovel Ordered From Momo-Lucky](../uploads/2018/11/shovel_ordered.png)](
Shovel Ordered From Momo-Lucky

The package that arrived:

[![Momo-Lucky tracking to the USA](../uploads/2018/11/shovel_tracking-1.jpg)](
Momo-Lucky tracking to the USA

(I presume that the senders address and the phone number are fake. The address in Chinese characters is: 酒仙桥东路10号,一号楼,155号房间, 朝阳区, 北京市 )

And what was inside the package:

[![Received from Momo-Lucky](../uploads/2018/11/shovel_received.jpg)](
Received from Momo-Lucky

Yes, it’s an ice scraper – for US$79.90

There are also reports here that the same ice scraper was received from – – – and most likely more.

Have you been scammed? Here is what you can do:

  1. Contact your bank
  2. Dispute the fraudulent transaction
  3. It may help to talk to the disputes department Many here have been successful getting their money back.


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