New on Facebook: Cruise Job Scams

In the last few days I saw a few of those ads on Facebook. Have you seen one? I see several a day. This is what they write:

⛔ WhatsApp :+1 [530] 562-9476
WhatsApp Chat Only:Press The Link To Message Me Directly On ⛔ WhatsApp :+1 [530] 562-9476

More Than 500 Position Are Needed Down here in CANADA 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

On Vacancy Urgently


$8,000USD-$10,000USD Monthly Packages 📦

Make Your Dreams Come True🚨🚨🚨

Contact WhatsApp Chat: Press The Link To Message me Directly On Whatsapp:⛔ WhatsApp :+1 [530] 562-9476
⛔ WhatsApp :+1 [530] 562-9476

The scam ad is always the same. The Facebook posting ID is hacked and has no relation to the scam. The way it works is quite obvious: You contact them, and they ask for a fee. Probably a few US$, maybe 30, 50, 100. The idea is, once you pay something, then you are hooked and it will be easy to squeeze more money from you. Of course, there are no real jobs.

Stay clear of those ads! They are all scams!

Just adding a new one, the Work-In-The-USA scam. Most likely the same person/gang. Same pattern, hacked Facebook IDs, aim is again to get ‘advanced fees’ from you, until you can can smell the rat. I saw similar scams with Work in India or other countries.

⛔WORK IN USA 🇺🇸 &Canada 🇨🇦
⛔ WhatsApp +1 (585) 250 7131
⛔Free Visa | Accommodation and feeding
⛔ company will be paying you the sum of $8000 dollars monthly and sum of $450 dollars for weekend fee
⛔Flight Tickets Assured
⛔All Nationality Can Apply
⛔Apply now🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸Inbox on WhatsApp
+1 (585)250 7131
⛔Skilled and Non skills required
⛔Male And Female
⛔no fake no scam
⛔APPLY NOW ! ! !

[![Work in USA scam](../uploads/2019/07/cruise-job-scam.png)](
Work in USA scam
Facebook: Work on Cruise Scam!
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