New scam on Facebook:

The last few days i saw many scam ads on Facebook from – they are here to collect as much cash as possible and then disappear.

Here are two examples:

This 60Kg remote controlled tank which sells on Aliexpress for US$7500 you can order there for $99 – of course you will never get it.

This scam will get many more victims: The Xiaomi 9t

Here for US$198.90:

Of course you will never get anything. In reality this new phone costs currently about US$ 350. Take care and please, use some common sense when you buy stuff online!

Update: This scam just appeared again with a new URL – take care, the Facebook supported scam will come back again, and again, and again. And just another scam ad in my feed:

Plenty of Facebook scams before, like here and here, at one time I had a list of 400+ Facebook scams.

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