Some #electronics_scams for August 2018

Some #electronics_scams for August 2018. The Chinese websites are usually no delivery sites, the international websites usually just want to get your credit card number. Be careful!

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  1. Just an update on 3Komsel… I paid $300 USD on Western Union for an iPhone 7 Plus 128gb Red Brand New In Box (Lol) and yup… he blocked me after 3 days… 1st he said there was no electricity at his nearby Fedex, that was the first red flag that I knew I had played myself… next day he said he had shipped it but forgot the ticket with the tracking number at the office… day 3 I was blocked on Facebook… oh well… can’t win them all 🙂

    At least I know I fed a poor family in Indonesia.

  2. I spoke to 3Komsel, they refused to offer any proof of stock… like my name written on a piece of paper or anything… I wouldn’t trust him…. he told me to find another seller… 0 profesional.

    • 3Komsel from Indonesia? That would be certainly a scam. Indonesia has no cheap electronics, specially no cheap brand electronics.

    • I guess it’s this website:

      That scam is already 10 month old, and seems still active. All the scams on that IP:,,,,,,,

    • eastlinkintlindustrialltd > might be legit. Be careful anyway.

      myonesky > Same. I would prefer to deal with a Hong Kong company though. This company for example has no company information. They write 6 years of experience – but the website is is only registered in 2017. They have certainly a problem with honesty.

      3komsel > I need a website to comment. Indonesia is not a technology country anyway.


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