- a closer look

Many people ask the last few days “how about sz-borun?”


Lets have a more detailed look at this scam:

#1 > If you take a look at the WHOIS you see that the website got only created 2016-04-20 – just about 8 month old. That is not good.

#2 > Look at the products, you see Apple, Samsung – this products are more expensive in China. They can not be cheap. It’s impossible. You can check on iPhone Prices Worldwide what iPhones really cost in China. Remember, there is no wholesale for Apple products.

#3 > On their “intro” page they show many certificates – non can be expanded so you can’t verify any of them.

#4 > From their products all items they have are trading items – why there are manufacturing images on their website? It doesn’t match.

#5 > OK, lets look at one image:

12″ Wafer Packaging Solution? This is a semiconductor production related item/process. Has nothing to do with end-user products. Maybe they borrowed it here – but that website doesn’t need 12″ wafer either….

#6 > Picture looking is fun, check another one:
random electronics factory

A random electronics factory image of some board level assembly. Again, does not match the products they do. And again, you can find the same image here or here or here or here – or probably 100 more.

#7 > Usually China scams use one email and one phone number for one scam and get a new one for any new scam. But their Skype name, okanne0715, was used in previous scams in an email address [email protected] – strange coincidence….

#8 > One more technical look, their website is on IP -t the IP range *.93 – *.101 has about 100 of similar electronics scams. A list of the IP Neighbors.

It’s a very typical scam – stay away from them!

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