Here is a new Facebook scam ad: A foldable phone! They offer it for $80.00 – free shipping, only today. Sadly, it will never ship. The video is stolen from Huawei Mate X, which is not on the market yet. And when it comes it will be well over $2000 [Website is down] Link to Huawei Mate X Wiki Link to details from GSMArena (note the EUR 2300 estimated price)
In the last few days I saw a few of those ads on Facebook. Have you seen one? I see several a day. This is what they write: ⛔ WhatsApp :+1 [530] 562-9476 WhatsApp Chat Only:Press The Link To Message Me Directly On ⛔ WhatsApp :+1 [530] 562-9476 More Than 500 Position Are Needed Down here in CANADA 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦 On Vacancy Urgently (NOTICED: APPLICATION FEES IS REQUIRED) IF YOU DON’T HAVE PLEASE… DON’T INBOX
This Samsung Gear S3 frontier costs around US$200 in reality. This scam promotes it for US$45.90 [lind dead] Comments Javascript needs to be activated to view comments.
And another Facebook scam ad just popped up: [![ > scam](../uploads/2019/04/Screenshot-2019-04-11-12.16.40.png)]( > scam [![ > scam](../uploads/2019/04/Screenshot-2019-04-11-12.17.51.png)]( > scamTake care, you will **not** receive what you pay for!
I just saw a new scam ad on Facebook. The scam for this portable inkjet is still alive! They claim $69.99 – the real one is near US$6000 This is the scam ad I saw: [![ = scam](../uploads/2019/04/Screenshot-2019-04-06-23.31.39.png)]( = scamAnd a link and screenshot from their website: [![ = scam](../uploads/2019/04/Screenshot-2019-04-06-23.34.45.png)]( me a message when you see similar ads! If you like the original for nearly US$6000 – it’s here: https://ebs-inkjet.
Several people have asked about Shenzhen Baisili Electronics, I believe it’s a scam, and here is why I think so: 1. Too many brand products. International brand products, such as MSI, Gigabyte, Razer are more expensive in China 2. The address, C901A, Daduhui, Longgang, Shenzhen, is not precise, like 666, Manhattan
It’s hard to believe, but the scam ads on Facebook still appear! Facebook must have received 1000’s of complaints since November 2018 – now it’s end January 2019 – and they still promote obvious scam. Unbelievable! One Facebook problem is of course that you can report anything in a meaningful way, leave alone talk to anybody, or get a reply. It’s unbelievable! is worse, but hopeless. They are scam tolerant and simply should be avoided.
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