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Today I did another facebook post with a little electronics scam list. And at the bottom a list with all #electronics_scams reported so far! I was also ask if there is a complete scam list. Well, there will never be a complete list. But here is a EXCEL file with all electronics scams that I collected so far.
Many people ask the last few days “how about sz-borun?” Lets have a more detailed look at this scam: #1 > If you take a look at the WHOIS you see that the website got only created 2016-04-20 – just about 8 month old. That is not good. #2 > Look at the products, you see Apple, Samsung – this products are more expensive in China. They can not be cheap.
(this blog post was cleaned and re-written with some changed links) It’s really funny if you look at some of the factory pictures and how often they are recycled. Have a look at this image that you see from time to time: Take a close look at this websites for the same factory building picture: …and some more. Image search is a good way to check how authentic the pictures are.
A few people recently ask me about , and what I think about it. I am highly suspicious for a few reasons, to me it looks like it belongs in the #electronics_scams group. I give you a few reasons here: 1. The website is just about 1 month old (creation date 2016-11-10), but on their websites it said either 2001 or 2007 depends where you look, you can look the website age up with a WHOIS search here: Domaintools
Here is a list of good China sites. I will add more details soon. These sites are platforms, similar to eBay, you have individual sellers. When you buy 3 items you might buy it from 3 different sellers. They are quite safe when you buy through their sales and payment system: This list are companies, so when you buy several different items there is just one seller. Those sites are also a few years in business and are safe to use:
Here are some hints than help you to identify scams: iPhones at very low prices iPhones have their market price. They sell directly via Apple. There is no wholesale. Therefore you will not find them cheaper. They are cheaper in some countries then in others. The price in China is usually higher due to sales taxes. If you like to see the selling price in China check this link: Apple China
Avoid electronics scams! There are no $199 iPhone 7, nowhere. This website is about electronics scams, how they work, how to spot them, how not to get cheated! Any questions or comments are welcome. Please use the Ask! page for your comments. I am still writing and adding some pages. What I get ask often is about ‘good’ sites in China. Here is a small list with some Chinese websites that can be trusted: https://noscams.
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