Here is an May 2017 update of fresh #Electronics_Scams:
In December 2016 I wrote a blog post about They are still active on Facebook and their own website. I had a look again, they have a new frontpage picture showing a cool phone store: Nice store? Yes, certainly. Problem is, it’s not their store. It’s an Apple Store in Bangkok and the image is from Shutterstock: So much to honesty. I received also quite a lot of messages how good they are and that everything is fine.
I usually look at electronics scams, but lets have a look at online counterfeits… At any give time there are probably 100,000 counterfeit websites on the web. They are usually new, just a few weeks old, and very often have domain names that do not match their product. They are often expired domains, or domains that are created randomly. This can not just be .COM domains, there are a large range of TLDs that are used, NL, DE, PT, PL, NO, SE, DK, CZ, IT, FR and many more.
So many new scams the last few days. #electronics_scams multiply like rats! Added bonus, an Excel file with all 5027 #electronics_scams reported so far: cnscams20170407
Finally, here is an update with more #electronics_scams – as usually, most are from China. But there are also a few from other locations. Take care and stay safe! Comments Javascript needs to be activated to view comments.
A few more electronics scams with cheap (but not existing) iPhones. Take care and do not send your money to them!
I few days ago ‘Reda’ ask about – so I had a look. The site is hosted on GoDaddy, so it’s most likely not from China. On their about page they say the company does iPhones since 2007 …. .. however, the WHOIS tells us something different: Created in December 2016 – a bit over one month old now. I don’t think they are in China, but lets have a look where they are located … right, there is no address, no phone.
A little update to the never stopping list of #electronics_scams , as usual, most are from China. Take care! Check also my list of nearly 5000 reported #electronics_scams: List of all #electronics_scams reported so far (Jan 2017) Comments Javascript needs to be activated to view comments.
Let’s a have a closer look at a typical China #electronics_scam site that I reported already: What I notice first is, that websites looks similar to 100th of other China electronics sites. They have some random images of a (Apple?) store in China, and of course plenty of electronics on display. Next, check the About Us : There is eactually no information about the company at all. But they have a hotline:

Take care of +4470….. numbers! A while days ago I was asked about a cheap iPhone seller in the UK. Or that appeared to be UK based.

Their phone number started +4470…

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