Recently I can see almost every day a new scam campaign by a Facebook/Instagram scam gang. They take some images from the web, often from Kickstarter, Indiegogo etc. – and they sell it at ridiculous low prices. Of course buyers will never get anything. Please let me know in case you see sites I should add here: (taken down) (disabled by Shopify) (taken down) (taken down)
To keep the main page a bit cleaner here is a list of the Facebook sponsored ad scams by this particular criminal gang. Many of the websites are already taken down. But new ones are created every day. Details are on my main page: A new type scam on Facebook Have you been scammed? Here is what you can do: Contact your bank Dispute the fraudulent transaction It may help to talk to the disputes department Many here have been successful getting their money back.
I received some images from a scammed Momo-Lucky customer in the USA. What was odered – an electric snow shovel: [![Shovel Ordered From Momo-Lucky](../uploads/2018/11/shovel_ordered.png)]( Ordered From Momo-Lucky The package that arrived: [![Momo-Lucky tracking to the USA](../uploads/2018/11/shovel_tracking-1.jpg)]( tracking to the USA (I presume that the senders address and the phone number are fake. The address in Chinese characters is: 酒仙桥东路10号,一号楼,155号房间, 朝阳区, 北京市 ) And what was inside the package: [![Received from Momo-Lucky](.
Just saw a sponsored ad campaign by a fake Xiaomi site. ![Xiaomi Fake on Facebook](../uploads/2018/11/fake_mi.png)Xiaomi Fake on FacebookIt was posted by Mi Xiaomi, Here is their Facebook page – [Click it!]( The ad campaign links to When you do a WHOIS for you will that the website registered on: 06-Nov-2018 – 3 days ago! What is sad is, that any scam can create a Facebook ad campaign and can reach many 10,000 Facebook users.
Some #electronics_scams for August 2018. The Chinese websites are usually no delivery sites, the international websites usually just want to get your credit card number. Be careful! Comments Javascript needs to be activated to view comments.
Here is an update to my #electronics_scams list. As usual, most are from China, but there are a few others. If you have any question about any of the sites – or any other website – ask me!
Very often I get asked How do you know it is a scam? Usually I can tell within the first 3 Seconds. Today Moty asked me how about ? Let’s start with having a look how old the website is, for that I use the HE Net WHOIS: It said: Creation Date: 2018-03-14 – the website is as of today just 2 month old. Even though on their website they write: EEON become the leading US wholesaler and distributor of the Apple iPhone since 2007.
There are still plenty of electronics scams online. Here is my latest list. As usual most are from China. But some have (fake) USA addresses. Take good care! Comments Javascript needs to be activated to view comments.
Quite a few people asked on my website and our Facebook page on feedback on websites like,, – do they look similar to you? Prices are low, too low to be believable. No contact, no address. They all look more or less like this one: ![Typical tool scam website.](../uploads/2018/04/tool_scams.png)Typical tool scam website.Aim is purely to get your credit card details. In case you did enter your card details, I suggest you monitor your credit card bill very closely.
Some #electronics_scams for February 2018. Note that not all seem to be from China. There are a few that look like from other countries. Comments Javascript needs to be activated to view comments.
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