New Home!

I just move this website to a new server. Hopefully we will get a better speed now. There might be still some errors, if you see something – tell me! Enjoy the better speed now!

Last #electronics_scams Update in 2016!

Today I did another facebook post with a little electronics scam list. And at the bottom a list with all #electronics_scams reported so far! I was also ask if there is a complete scam list. … Read more – a closer look

Many people ask the last few days “how about sz-borun?” Lets have a more detailed look at this scam: #1 > If you take a look at the WHOIS you see that the website got only created 2016-04-20 – just about 8 month old. That is not good. #2 > Look at the products, you see … Read more

Photoshop is great!

(this blog post was cleaned and re-written with some changed links) It’s really funny if you look at some of the factory pictures and how often they are recycled. Have a look and . look at the bottom right of the website and you find the factory building: Take a close look at this websites for … Read more

what about ?

A few people recently ask me about , and what I think about it. I am highly suspicious for a few reasons, to me it looks like it belongs in the #electronics_scams group. I give you a few reasons here: 1. The website is just about 1 month old (creation date 2016-11-10), but on … Read more