– let’s have a detailed look at this scam!

Very often I get asked How do you know it is a scam? Usually I can tell within the first 3 Seconds. Today Moty asked me how about ? Let’s start with having a look how old the website is, for that I use the HE Net WHOIS: It said: Creation Date: 2018-03-14 … Read more – let’s have a detailed look at this scam!

A May 2018 #electronics_scams update

There are still plenty of electronics scams online. Here is my latest list. As usual most are from China. But some have (fake) USA addresses. Take good care! … Read more A May 2018 #electronics_scams update

Tool scams = Credit Card Phishing = #electronics_scams

Quite a few people asked on my website and our Facebook page on feedback on websites like,, – do they look similar to you? Prices are low, too low to be believable. No contact, no address. They all look more or less like this one: Aim is purely to get your credit … Read more Tool scams = Credit Card Phishing = #electronics_scams

#electronics_scams for February 2018

Some #electronics_scams for February 2018. Note that not all seem to be from China. There are a few that look like from other countries.

#Electronics_Scams for December 2017

Christmas is just over and unfortunately the scams did make good money from some poor souls. Really, do your research and buy only if you see absolutely no warning signs!

#Electronics_Scams for November 2017

Most of this #Electronics_Scams are from China, but not all. Plenty of scam artists from other countries try to get your money. Take good care of it! … Read more #Electronics_Scams for November 2017

A small #Electronics_Scams update for September

Here is a small #Electronics_Scams update for September. Take good care! As usual most are from China, but not all.

A look at a specific site @ #Electronics_Scams

Recently a site visitor ask me about and they have send him their business registration. So lets have a closer look…. He received this two scans: The first is an annual Hong Kong business registration. They other one is the CR record, the record of incorporation. What is interesting the the Chinese company name, … Read more A look at a specific site @ #Electronics_Scams

My #Electronics_Scams list for July 2017

#Electronics_Scams will not stop as long as you send them money. So be careful whom you send your money.