Momo-Lucky – see what happens…

I received some images from a scammed Momo-Lucky customer in the USA. What was odered – an electric snow shovel: The package that arrived: (I presume that the senders address and the phone number are fake. The address in Chinese characters is: 酒仙桥东路10号,一号楼,155号房间, 朝阳区, 北京市 ) And what was inside the package: Yes, it’s an … Read more

Xiaomi Fake Page on Facebook

Just saw a sponsored ad campaign by a fake Xiaomi site. It was posted by Mi Xiaomi, Here is their Facebook page – Click it! The ad campaign links to When you do a WHOIS for you will that the website registered on: 06-Nov-2018 – 3 days ago! What is sad is, that … Read more

Some #electronics_scams for August 2018

Some #electronics_scams for August 2018. The Chinese websites are usually no delivery sites, the international websites usually just want to get your credit card number. Be careful!

June 2018 – more #electronics_scams found!

Here is an update to my #electronics_scams list. As usual, most are from China, but there are a few others. If you have any question about any of the sites – or any other website – ask me!

A May 2018 #electronics_scams update

There are still plenty of electronics scams online. Here is my latest list. As usual most are from China. But some have (fake) USA addresses. Take good care! … Read more

#electronics_scams for February 2018

Some #electronics_scams for February 2018. Note that not all seem to be from China. There are a few that look like from other countries.

#electronics_scams for January 2018

Some #electronics_scams for January 2018 – be careful, they will never stop making new scam websites:

How to verify a Chinese ICP number/号

You may have heard about the ICP registration system in China for any website that is hosted in China. It appears at the bottom of many Chinese websites. To give you an example, I choose the Huawei’s Chinese website for their Honor line of smartphones: At the very bottom, right side, you see their … Read more

#Electronics_Scams for December 2017

Christmas is just over and unfortunately the scams did make good money from some poor souls. Really, do your research and buy only if you see absolutely no warning signs!

#Electronics_Scams for November 2017

Most of this #Electronics_Scams are from China, but not all. Plenty of scam artists from other countries try to get your money. Take good care of it! … Read more

#Electronics_Scams for October 2017

Here a small list with #Electronics_Scams for October 2017: #Electronics_Scams for October 2017