A few more #electronics_scams

A little update to the never stopping list of #electronics_scams , as usual, most are from China. Take care! boroney.com esonel.com holysell.com huaweiagent.com knownelecs.com ksborn.com onlinecheapsale.com onlineego.com oxindustrial.net sztopeasy.com szwces.com wholesalegalaxynote7.com wholesalesamsunggalaxynote7.com yuntianyun.com Check also my list of nearly 5000 reported #electronics_scams: List of all #electronics_scams reported so far

A random scam look: freeshipelectronic.com

Let’s a have a closer look at a typical China #electronics_scam site that I reported already: http://freeshipelectronic.com What I notice first is, that websites looks similar to 100th of other China electronics sites. They have some random images of a (Apple?) store in China, and of course plenty of electronics on display. Next, check the … Read moreA random scam look: freeshipelectronic.com

Last #electronics_scams Update in 2016!

Today I did another facebook post with a little electronics scam list. And at the bottom a list with all #electronics_scams reported so far! bowinda.com br-usb.com cheap-iphone7.com cheapgalaxys7sale.com chsunrisegroup.com dongfangelectronics.com dutyfreestore-cn.com etripltd.com freeshipelectronic.com hasabiz.com honxintech.com karisin.com online-ebuy.com progadgetsystem.com ruchutech.com szylwtech.com xianfengtechnology.com xmaliyun.com xupeitrade.com yansune.com I was also ask if there is a complete scam list. … Read moreLast #electronics_scams Update in 2016!