A word about Bitcoin Hardware…

Recently I get quite a few requests about bitcoin mining hardware from China. This type of hardware is rather new and therefore the companies/websites are also new. In China there are only a few manufacturers, lots of resellers, and of course lots of scams. I suggest you stick to companies that are known in the … Read more

A small #Electronics_Scams update for September

Here is a small #Electronics_Scams update for September. Take good care! As usual most are from China, but not all. ashteadltd.com baoshengtechnology.com bestscooteroutlite.com camerafastmall.com club.camerafastmall.com cnglobalexport.com e-electmartltd.ml g-unitedgroup.com hkbaishang.com manatisa.com mateusestore.com sz-amazeoffer.com szqblue.com topskyelectric.com

A look at a specific site @ #Electronics_Scams

Recently a site visitor ask me about http://hjm-light.com and they have send him their business registration. So lets have a closer look…. He received this two scans: The first is an annual Hong Kong business registration. They other one is the CR record, the record of incorporation. What is interesting the the Chinese company name, … Read more

My #Electronics_Scams list for July 2017

#Electronics_Scams will not stop as long as you send them money. So be careful whom you send your money. 72buyers.com bestusbelec.com dao-ying.com djselectronic.com eurekaka.com franklinbiz.com freeshippingcn.com hip-top.com huibenn.com inteyi.com kyleworld.com lansinke.com lukyglobal.com madeinchina2017.com smartphones-wholesales.com spinner-gift.com sysco-group.com xinmei-electronic.com xpspeed.com ztx-international.com

A new #Electronics_Scams list for June 2017

Here is a list of a few scams that people posted to me (thank you!) and a few that I found via searches. Take care, the scamming will not stop as long as people feed them with money! alit-export.com bestbuy-group.com biskar.com bjyongfengelec.com buywholesalesale.com cheapgalaxys8.com chicagoelec.com daydaymob.com easytechmarket.com flash-emart.com global-wholesales-trade.com happygotech.com hk-fengyuan.com iphone6splusforsale.com kelongtech.com kimi8.com kingmaso.com … Read more

#Electronics_Scams – May update

Here is an May 2017 update of fresh #Electronics_Scams: applesale.us cheap-bulk.com cheap-shopping.eu cheapsale.eu discount-onlinestore.com globalemarkt.de kasaso.com ketiton.com kyetrade.com laodimould.com lukygroup.com maxdigital-cn.com mfs-international-market.com mobilesmalls.com multi-fac.com pasoza.com qqmould.com quazaz.com reflyingtrade.com samsungagent.com sz-fac.com szestmall.com szsuntech-elec.com wholesaleforsale.eu worldwideb2ctrade.com yevstar.com

awstore.co – an update

In December 2016 I wrote a blog post about awstore.co. They are still active on Facebook and their own website. I had a look again, they have a new frontpage picture showing a cool phone store: Nice store? Yes, certainly. Problem is, it’s not their store. It’s an Apple Store in Bangkok and the image … Read more

Spring is here, scams grow like crazy!

So many new scams the last few days. #electronics_scams multiply like rats! Added bonus, an Excel file with all 5027 #electronics_scams reported so far: cnscams20170407 2017trade.com ambrize.com ashinya.com aurorafine-trading.com baiyishops.com boracaton.com brandifulgroup.com changwangelec.com chicoya.com cnfactoryshinetech.com coretouniversal-unipessoallda.com deluxetradltd.com dumabiz.com happygotrade.com hongkong-deshang.com huawei-honor-mall.com icreatetele.com intelelectronic.com itradey.com jensay.com jewtly.com jinruninthk.com kongbestenltd.com lutheranshk.com meimeitrade.com modesdi.com pptti.com rainiee.com szhane.com teammadehkltd.com … Read more

March #electronics_scams update

Finally, here is an update with more #electronics_scams – as usually, most are from China. But there are also a few from other locations. Take care and stay safe! bjfenen.com buymoreltd.com camerastationz.com dfelecs.com easygadgett.com easytechtrade.com gofuture-cn.com hdelectronicx.com hkbestsupplies.com lukysolution.com nerelay.com oraelectronicinc.com originalelec.com personalelectronicsolution.com personalelectronicsolutions.com phonelincelectronicltd.com rocky-trade.com skymall-tny.com sonnexglobalinc.com sz-multi.com szjoykingsuner.com topvrbox.us truebusinesscn.com yutenglimited.com

February Update @ #electronics_scams

A few more electronics scams with cheap (but not existing) iPhones. Take care and do not send your money to them! bestewholesale.com bic-smart.com claraeswilbelec.com coreofficial.com hjm-light.com hubeicellwell.com hz-game.com max-big.com misusuli.com newgktech.com pecanco.com shenhengtongli.com sinaltd.com wintony.com

A few more #electronics_scams

A little update to the never stopping list of #electronics_scams , as usual, most are from China. Take care! boroney.com esonel.com holysell.com huaweiagent.com knownelecs.com ksborn.com onlinecheapsale.com onlineego.com oxindustrial.net sztopeasy.com szwces.com wholesalegalaxynote7.com wholesalesamsunggalaxynote7.com yuntianyun.com Check also my list of nearly 5000 reported #electronics_scams: List of all #electronics_scams reported so far

A random scam look: freeshipelectronic.com

Let’s a have a closer look at a typical China #electronics_scam site that I reported already: http://freeshipelectronic.com What I notice first is, that websites looks similar to 100th of other China electronics sites. They have some random images of a (Apple?) store in China, and of course plenty of electronics on display. Next, check the … Read more

Take care of +447….. numbers

A few days ago I was asked about a cheap iPhone seller in the UK. Or that appeared to be UK based. Their phone number started +447… Obviously +44 is the UK country code. But +447… are international forwarding numbers. That means this person/phone can be anywhere in the world. In the past they where … Read more